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Aaron Judge has resumed hitting baseballs from the yard after 41 at-bats without a home run. The outfielder for the New York Yankees has hit home runs back-to-back days. In a game against the New York Mets, in the bottom of the fourth inning, there was no scoring. A pitch from Taijuan Walker that was judged to have an exit velocity of 115 mph was launched 453 feet into the left field Yankee Stadium bleachers. He hit his 48th home run of the year with that one. However, the home run hurt the pitcher, Taijuan Walker.

After losing the game 4-2 to the Yankees, Taijuan Walker stated, \”I just got a little too quick. I gave up the home run.\” According to him, it wasn\’t a bad pitch. However, it just wasn\’t the right pitch. Walker felt like stuff kind of sped up on him there, and he didn\’t slow them down.


Overall, the performance was respectable, given that the Mets\’ best relievers were resting. Walker was making a comeback after suffering back spasms a week earlier. The spasms caused him to lose his start in Atlanta after two innings. Walker left the game after 81 pitches in five innings, giving up two earned runs on four hits, two walks, and three strikeouts.

Walker could have been pitched in the Subway Series right away. But Buck Showalter decided against delaying until later in the week to start him. This is because he intended to get the right-hander back on the field as soon as possible. As a result, the Mets\’ ace, who had pitched 95 pitches the previous Thursday, was moved forward to Thursday, providing him two more days of recovery.


With Andrew Benintendi\’s single to start the fourth, Walker faced the Yankees\’ first base runner. However, after DJ LeMahieu hit into a double play, the Yankees seemed doomed in the eighth. The next at-bat, Judge hit his second home run in as many matches, a 116 mph rocket that sailed deep into the left-field stands.

Walker added that it was well-placed but that it wasn\’t the proper pitch and that he hits fastballs well. They observed him fumbling with the sliders and changeups. As a result, the Yankees were hurling it and had some success. And they reasoned that they might be able to sneak in a fastball and get some iffy contact. But all he is is a proficient fastball hitter.

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