Aaron Hicks
Aaron Hicks (Yankees) Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

The New York Yankees fan base, who attended the spring training game on Sunday, booed Aaron Hicks as the latter made his way to the box.

The Yankees played two games on Sunday. The front office fielded two different rosters for both games. While one roster contained young prospects, the other one featured regular experienced players. Furthermore, the home fans got to see some action after the months long off season and marked attendance at the George Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, Florida.


However, the Yankees’ fan base seems to have found its way back to the business. New Yorkers are known to be ruthless when it comes to sports. Often the Bombers’ players face intense criticism and heckling during the home game. Amidst this, Yankees outfielder, Aaron Hicks, is the latest pry as the fans heckle the former even before he can showcase his flair.

Aaron Hicks Heckled During His First Game At Spring Training

Yankees Aaron Boone
Aaron Hicks (New York Yankees)

Hicks, who has been with the New York Yankees since 2016, is coming off a challenging season in which he hit just .216 with eight home runs and 40 RBIs in shortened 2022 season. Aaron Hicks’ last season ended prematurely after the former suffered an elbow injury. However, the outfielder is back in full health this year, battling for a spot in the starting roster. Moreover, with the departure of Andre Benintendi, Hicks has an opportunity to establish himself in the left field.

However, Aaron Hicks was not at all welcomed by the fans in his first spring training outing. As soon as the outfielder made his way onto the box, the crowd started booing him. But, the switch hitter had a trick up his sleeves to shut the crowd down. At the very next moment, after the heckling, Hicks hit for a single on the right field, and booes turned into cheers in minutes. Spring training is important for Hicks as he competes with Oswald Cabrera and Estevan Florial for the starting job in left field.

Oswald Cabrera Messes Up At Left Field In The Very First Outing

Oswaldo Cabrera Yankees
Pitcher Oswaldo Cabrera (Yankees)

Meanwhile, Aaron Hicks’ top competitor for the left field job is Oswaldo Cabrera. However, Cabrera spoiled his case in his very first outing of spring training. The outfielder was stationed in the left field when the ball approached the left. He made a quick run from his original position but could not control the momentum. He ended up overrunning and failed to stop the ball. Moreover, Oswaldo fumbled a couple of times before eventually stopping the ball.

Furthermore, the fans left highly unimpressed and again echoed their voices to the front office, pleading with them to bring in a designated left fielder in the bullpen. So far, all the buyouts, as well as trade attempts made by the Yankees, were foiled due to various limitations. Still, the Bronx Bombers have five weeks before the 2023 MLB regular season opening day. Hence, a new sign-in within this time frame cannot be ruled out.