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Saturday Night Live Catches The NBA Fever As They Weigh In On Lakers’ Playoff Chances In A Hilarious Parody Performance

The Los Angeles Lakers are making a hard push for the playoff place, and Saturday Night Live’s crew chose to poke fun at them.

The LA Lakers are reborn after the All-Star break. After struggling for most of the ongoing season, the front office decided to overhaul the lineup. Further, they made some bold moves during the trade window to help the cause. The team traded an experienced set of players in exchange for young guns whose average age is around 25. Hence, the fans were worried that the management had taken the right steps.


As it turned out, the newest additions marked the setting of a new dawn for the Lakers this season. Since their acquisitions, the Lakers have won three consecutive games, two after the All-Star break. On top of that, the dynamic duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis took a backseat as the young blood took over the lead. Meanwhile, as the Lakers make a hard push on the playoff race, a comic TV show spoofed a parody discussing the Lakers’ future.

SNL Crew Skits A Special Comic Act Discussing Lakers Playoff Odds

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The whole NBA world is on the edge as the Los Angeles Lakers toil hard for the playoff spot in the final stretch of the season. As a result, the NBC show, Saturday Night Live, decided to join the party. They scripted a special comic skit wherein an actor named James Autin Johnson played the role of former NBA player Bill Walton. The actor discussed the Lakers qualification scenario in the voice of the Hall of Famer and delivered a hilarious performance.

While “SNL’s” take on Hollywood’s playoff qualification chances obviously meant for humor purposes, it does reflect the frustration that Lakers fans feel this season. With injuries to key players and inconsistent play from the rest of the team, the Lakers’ playoff hopes have been in doubt for much of the season. Whether or not the team can turn things around in the final stretch remains to be seen. But for now, Lakers fans can at least enjoy a laugh at “SNL’s” take on their team’s future.

Kendrick Perkins Terms LA A Dangerous Team

While the Los Angeles Lakers’ fate hangs in the balance, a former NBA champion turned ESPN analyst showed a lot of faith in the team. Kendrick Perkins said the new-look Hollywood has everything they need to make it to the playoffs this season. The former NBA champion further added that many teams in the Western Conference dread Hollywood and do not want to face it now.

Kendrick Perkins
Kendrick Perkins

Moreover, speaking about the playoff qualification scenario, Kendrick stated that the Lakers need to win 5-6 games from now to get into the play-in. From there, the lineup has the capability to make a deep postseason run. Kendrick even went on to say that the purple and gold will emerge as the most dangerous eight-seed team in the history of the NBA if they manage to make their way into the playoffs, which he thinks the team will.