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WWE Raw Viewership Witnessed A Major Downfall Compared To Post-SummerSlam Episode

The previous episode of WWE Raw managed to draw an average of 1.907 million viewers on the USA Network over the three hours. The 18-49 demographic rating was 0.54

This week\’s viewership is down by 7.7% from the post-SummerSlam episode of Raw, which drew 2.067 million viewers.


The very first hour of this week\’s episode drew 1.955 million viewers, whereas the last week\’s episode drew 2.152 million in the first hour. 1.936 million viewers saw the episode in the second hour, last week, this number was 2.094 million viewers. The last third hour drew 1.830 million viewers, whereas last week, the final hour drew 1.956 million viewers.

This week\’s episode demographic rating was also low from the previous week. The post-SummerSlam episode had a demographic rating of 0.64.

The rank of Monday Night Raw was 16 in viewership on the cable behind the shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight, The Five, Hannity, The Ingraham Angle, and many more. This rank was also down as it was ranked at #9 last week.


Meanwhile, Raw ranked at #1 for the night on the cable top 150 with a 0.54 rating. Last week, the show ranked at 2nd spot. Tucker Carlson, Tonight on Fox News, held the highest position on cable with a viewership of 4.312 million viewers. It had a rating of 0.37 in the 18-49 key demo.

This week of WWE Raw had a tie with the April 19 episode of the same show as the fifth-best audience of the year. Whereas it was the fifteenth best demographic rating of the year so far. If we compared it with the last year\’s episode, then this year\’s RAW did better as it had 0.6% more viewers.

The viewership of the September 6 episode of Raw might go up as Damian Priest will host another US title open challenge, and it might also reveal who will challenge the WWE Champion Bobby Lashley next for the title.

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