After several weeks of speculation, both Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson (fka Daniel Brya) made their much-anticipated AEW debut. Both these talented wrestlers made their All Elite Wrestling debut within a gap of a few minutes. Firstly, Adam Cole came out to join forces with his former partners and announced himself as the new member of the Elites. After, that we witnessed the highly anticipated debut of the American Dragon, Bryan Danielson, who came out to confront the Elites. With the additions of these two wrestlers, the roster of AEW has become even more stacked, and hence it is certain that from now on, the weekly shows of AEW will be even more intriguing. 

Adam Cole AEW Debut

Tonight\’s episode of AEW All Out featured Christian Cage Vs. Kenny Omega for the AEW championship in the main event of the PPV. With a little help from the rest of the Elites and his manager Callis, Kenny Omega won the match. After the bout, The Elites began to assault Christian along with Luchasauras and the Jungle Boy, who came to the ring to save him. That\’s when the lights went out, and the crown began to chant \”Yes!Yes!\” in the hope that Bryan Danielson would appear. However, it was Adam Cole who came out. Initially, it felt like he will going to confront Kenny Omega, but he kicked the Jungle Boy and made everyone clear that he is here to join the Elites. 


Daniel Bryan AEW Debut

Adam Cole declared The Elites as the best and the most dominant stable in the history of this business. That\’s when another music hits, and this time it was indeed the one the fans were hoping for. The former WWE champion, Bryan Danielson, walked towards the ring and saved the day for Christian, Luchasauras, and Jungle Boy. By the end of the PPV, all the babyfaces stood tall and cleared the ring. Bryan Danielson announced that he is \’All Elite,\’ and he is here to check whether the ones who call themselves the Elites are really elite or not. 

After All Out went off the air, Daniel Bryan cut a promo in front of the crown of Chicago. He revealed that he still loves WWE and all the fans, and he is grateful for everything he gets there. But the main reason behind his arrival to AEW is that he is a wrestler, and he is here to goddam wrestle. 

Now, it will be interesting to see how All Elite Wrestling will use two of the best former talents of WWE who were the face of their respective brands. 

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