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Wondering Why The Yankees Did Not Call Up Oswald Peraza Amid A Major Injury Crisis? Here’s Why

Without a doubt, the worst thing about the significant Baseball leagues is INJURIES! This is the only term that disqualifies the strongest of the players. Indeed, no one is safe in baseball. But still, the precautions are accepted, and the players stand on the field, risking their shoulders, wrists, ankles, leg, feet, heads, and each part of their body. Anyways, the 2023 baseball series has begun, and again the injuries have started to target the best of the players. Unfortunately, the Yankees remained the team to lose one of their most expected player, Oswald Peraza. He got a right hamstring tightness in Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. And he is now not able to play. Given this, a question arises, WHO will REPLACE Peraza?

Indeed, Oswald started the season hot! And not only he but also Jonathan Loaisiga and Donaldson have been hit by the injury that the Yankees never thought of affording in the initial games. However, now all that the Yankees got to do is, bring out someone with the same potential from the rosters. DJ LeMahieu has been expected to fill the vacant seat of Donalson, as he can make reps.

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Oswald Peraza Injured

Oswald Peraza Still Gotta Prove His Worth to Yankees

Speaking of the positive aspects here, we got one thing as good news. This injury of Oswald Peraza might get utilized for being a setback for the driver. So far, he has been batting 292 with a .393 OBP, which may not be what fans expected from him. Swiping five bags and doubling his ledger, Peraza somehow struggled a lot. But he made us all proud of him with the initial games of the season. This injury he got is nothing in front of his willpower to come back stronger. He is a great player; no harm can change it.

However, to make the Yankees believe what is written above, Peraza still gotta do something extraordinary. He is still not the top most prospectus of the New York baseball team. So now, he needs to stand up soon and show his talent. And the best thing coming from nowhere is that there is not much left in the healing process of the hamstring injury that Oswald got. It is not that serious, and very soon, he will be expecting to play in Scranton.

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The Yankees Top Prospectus of 2023

Meanwhile, the spring training already gave us a few disappointing scores for Oswald Peraza. We saw him losing the shortstop to Anthony Volpe. But no one can forget the .306 hit with a .832 OPS in 18 games just the year he debuted in the Yankees. So yes, there is not much in the rosters which can take his place. Now, let’s hope for a strong comeback from the 22-year-old Yankees player.