Most of the players of the New York Yankees\’ 2022 bullpen have been riddled with questions and injuries. Now, the team has been gearing up for their season playoffs. Meanwhile, they still have a few issues to deal with. And Giancarlo Stanton\’s long-going performance slump is one of the things that Yankees and their fans are worried about. But how the future looks like for Stanton in the Yankees\’ bullpen? Keep reading to find out.

Giancarlo Stanton\’s Struggles In The 2022 Season!

Going into 2022, the Yankees had a lot of questions to resolve. It wasn\’t easy to foresee what the Yankees would receive from starting pitchers such as Luis Severino and Nestor Cortes. Now, with little over a week left in the regular season, the Yankees are worried about a number of things, including Giancarlo Stanton\’s protracted slump. His capacity to play for a prolonged period of time and his prospects for aging gracefully can become an issue for the Bronx in the upcoming matches.


Giancarlo Stanton was selected for his sixth All-Star Game despite having one of the poorest offensive seasons in his career. The designated hitter is 1-for-17 with 11 strikeouts in his previous four games after striking out four times Tuesday in a 5-2 division-clinching victory against the Blue Jays. Since recovering from a left Achilles injury, he\’s been awful. He has played in just 25 games since August 25 and has a.549 ERA, four home runs, 14 RBI, and a.154 batting average.

Giancarlo Stanton

The former NL MVP will complete with the worst hitting season of his career as of this writing in September. It will happen during his first Bronx All-Star season. Stanton has changed since making a recovery from an injury. As for the Yankees\’ strategy for activating their imposing slugger, manager Aaron Boone laid it out on Tuesday. Boone believes Stanton handled the situation with some restraint, patience, and clarity while also letting everyone know when he was ready to return. He is trying hard to reach that stage after realizing he must perform it even though it isn\’t flawless.

Yankees\’ New Plans For Frankie Montas?

The Yankees\’ Dominican pitcher Frankie Montas has been on the injured list for a while. However, the player could have a new role to play in the Yankees\’ scheme of things as the team heads into the season Playoffs. 

Frankie Montas

Aaron Boone made the announcement and emphasized how challenging it is to get Montas healthy for the rotation. However, it was mentioned that the Dominican might support the group in the postseason as an opener or reliever. However, as Montas will be returning to injury, it will be a matter of question whether he is in full form. 

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