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Even though LeBron James is one of the biggest names in the NBA arena, it does not mean that he is not booed in the stadiums. And one city in particular whose fans boo James a lot is Boston Celtics. On the other hand, the Lakers\’ star player is also not a big fan of the Celtics or their fans. And recently, James had given a controversial statement saying, \’We all hate Boston\’.

Why Does LeBron James Hate The Celtics?

On the occasion of media day, the Los Angeles Lakers hosted an event to introduce the players for the upcoming NBA season, including LeBron James as their centerpiece. LeBron James has tried his best to continue criticizing the Celtics and the people of Boston even after joining the Laker organization. As a member of both the Cavaliers and the Heat, he played in various high-profile rivalry games against the Boston Celtics. Although, he ended up with the Lakers in the later days of his career.


This time, James once again made fun of Boston during Tuesday\’s Laker media day while referencing Kendrick Perkins humorously. When Patrick Beverley, a new Laker, was brought up, James claimed that he loved him as a teammate but detested competing against him as an opponent. The four-time NBA MVP said the same about Perkins, who detested playing the big man and representing Boston throughout the years. James retargeted Boston around that time as well.

In the same conversation, LeBron James pointed out, \”I still hate Boston,\” while talking about the Celtics. He did not stop there as he went on to say that everyone at the Lakers hates the Celtics. Although, it is noteworthy that James\’ remarks were lighthearted and meant nothing more than a joke. 

King James Thinks Celtics Fans Are Racist!

LeBron James is not new to passing snarky comments about Boston Celtic fans. Previously in July 2022, Lebron appeared in HBO\’s The Shop. During the appearance, King James talked about the fanbase of the Boston Celtics. He pointed out how Celtics fans are \”racist as F**k\”. He said he has dealt with it for most of his life but that he doesn\’t care what they say.  


Celtics fans are known for not holding back. However, Racism in any form is not acceptable in sports. However, fans try to do everything to influence a player\’s mindset, primarily when it\’s a player like LeBron who consistently balls out. James also mentioned how he once had a drink thrown at him when playing in Boston, emphasizing on the claim about Boston supporters and their history is not something new. LeBron James has participated in multiple postseason games in Boston throughout a very long career. And there were many instances when the Akron Hammer faced some comments directed toward him.

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