Will The Yankees\’ FOOLISH Over-Spending On Free Agents This Season Become A Problem For The Future?


New York Yankees have a history of being liberal with the spending once they decide to go after a player. However, this year, their overspending has taken up a notch. The team recently signed Aaron Judge for a massive $360 million. Previously they also gave a contract to Anthony Rizzo worth $34 million per year. And even after several high-paying deals, the team is not showing any signs of slowing down. But will the strategy of outspending their rival really work for the team in the long haul? Keep reading to find out.

The New York Yankees Are Spending Like Crazy!

Everyone knew that in order to retain some of their own talents and improve the team, the Yankees were going to spend big. Still, the big paychecks that the Yankees are giving away have surprised us. The Bombers are leading the tally among all the American League East teams in terms of the most dollars spent on free agents. 

So far, the team in the Pinstripe Blues has spent over $411 million, which is the most by any team. To put things in perspective, the second team on the list is Boston Red Sox. They have an expenditure of 137.5 million USD. The Yankees\’ spending this offseason is more than the combined total of the other four teams on the list of highest spending. 

Guaranteed money given to free agents by AL East teams so far this offseason:

Yankees: $411.5 million
Red Sox: $137.5 million
Blue Jays: $63 million
Rays: $40 million
Orioles: $10 million

— Nathan Ruiz (@NathanSRuiz) December 12, 2022

The majority of the $411.5 million the Yankees have already spent went to reliever Tommy Kahnle, Anthony Rizzo, and Aaron Judge. Carlos Rodon, a left-handed starter, is supposedly someone they\’d want to bring to the Bronx. In the event that a contract is reached, the guaranteed money they provide to unsigned free agents throughout the offseason may top $600 million. This is due to Rodon\’s estimated $200 million asking price.

The Yankees have spent all those millions and still haven\’t come up with a viable left field, third base, or shortstop option. There\’s clear room for improvement in those three positions, which gave below-average results.

When it comes to the other teams in the division, the Red Sox\’s failure to re-sign Xander Bogaerts has dimmed the appeal of some other excellent buys. This includes players like Kenley Jansen and Masataka Yoshida. In contrast, the Blue Jays finally signed top starter Chris Bassitt this week. Meanwhile, the Rays and Orioles are considerably more frugal with their spending.

Brian Cashman

For both New York teams, the offseason has already been filled with many exciting events. By agreeing to a 9-year, $360 million contract, the Yankees have ended a tense period of waiting for Aaron Judge. As the offseason continues to be tumultuous, the Mets are attempting to meet their needs. They may find what they\’re seeking on a squad that competes in the same city.

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