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Ever since the franchise acquired Patrick Beverly in the trade with the Clippers, there has been a shadow of doubt about Russell Westbrook\’s place in the Lakers\’ playing 11. The reason is that both Russell and Beverly apparently play in the same position as point guards. There have also been rumors that the Lakers do not trade him. It will create a headache for the team as to whom to play and whom to bench among Westbrook and Patrick.

What Did Ric Butcher Say About Russell Place In The Lakers?

The backcourt of the Lakers, which now includes rivals Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook, will be lined up by new coach Darvin Ham, and much is expected of him. While Beverley appears to be the ideal match for the Lakers on paper. At least Westbrook was an obvious misfit for the team last season. The well-known NBA analyst Ric Butcher recently addressed the issue on the \”The Odd Couple\” podcast. He only sees one scenario in which both guards may work together and further the interests of the Lakers. Russ will have to make a significant sacrifice since he could have to perform a task that he has never performed in his professional career.


Butcher said, \”I can see a scenario where the Lakers are better with Pat Beverley starting. On the other hand, Russell Westbrook is running the second unit coming off the bench. Meanwhile, the analyst said that it is hard for him to believe that Russell would be welcoming of the idea of Beverly playing over him. Last year, when Westbrook was benched in favor of Austin Reaves and Stanley Johnson by his old coach Frank Vogel, he retaliated vehemently. It\’s not hard to imagine how he\’d respond if he came off the bench for his known rival Beverly.


The Lakers should already be preparing for life in 2021–2022, assuming Russ will still be a contender. One of the greatest players of all time, Russell Westbrook, will inevitably be inducted into the Hall of Fame. The former league MVP is highly likely to sit out of the game because of the current stage in his career. But this is the unpleasant truth that Westbrook is now dealing with. If he were to play off the bench for LeBron James and the Lakers. It would appear that he would offer much more value based on what we saw from him last season. Considering Patrick Beverley\’s involvement, this becomes much clear.

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