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The 2022 Formula One season has stepped into the final five races. At this point, Red Bull is leading the way in Drivers\’ and Constructors\’ championships. Even though five races are one too many, it is almost certain that Red Bull\’s Max Verstappen will be crowned the Formula One champion this year. However, recently, some allegations of budget cap violations in the last year\’s Formula One have come out. These accusations can create a lot of trouble for Red Bull if proven true.

Has Red Bull Voilated Budget Cap For 2021? 

The previous year, Max Verstappen won the final race in Abu Dhabi. He created history after winning the F1 championship for the first time ever. However, it appears like the 2021 F1 World Championship is still ongoing. Rumors of a spending cap breach have cast a dark cloud over Red Bull\’s last year\’s win. For the 2021 season, the FIA established a budget ceiling of $145 million. The accounts were delivered in March, and the evaluation will complete soon.


Amid the accusation, Toto Wolff, the head of Mercedes, attacked the Red Bull driver Christian Horner. Wolff claimed that he cheated on the cost ceiling for the 2021 Formula One season. However, Horner answered the Silver Arrows\’ chief back through Sky Sports, saying that he had never heard of his team possibly breaking the rules before. Horner\’s statement, however, was roundly criticized by Wolff, who said that the teams had known for months that Milton Keynes was under investigation.

Can Max Verstappen Loose His Championship Amid Budge Cap Violation Row?

The Formula 1 budget ceiling regulations are being tested for the first time. The FIA is reviewing the first season budget for each team after the implementation of the financial rules. Since Red Bull has been accused of violating the budget cap restrictions, Formula One fans have urged that the FIA declare Lewis Hamilton an eight-time world champion.


After it was discovered that Red Bull and Aston Martin may have violated the budget cap restrictions. And now, Red Bull might face the consequences. According to the FIA, the regulatory body would not make any additional comments until the formal procedure is finished. Meanwhile, Red Bull\’s competitors are advocating for the harshest punishment possible to create a precedent and force Verstappen to relinquish his championship.

Red Bull would incur a slight sports penalty if its costs exceeded the threshold by 5%, or around $7.25 million. It might also result in a public censure, a reduction in points for the world constructor\’s and driver\’s championships, a suspension from one or more races, or restrictions on aerodynamic testing. However, if the violation exceeds 5%, it may result in a more substantial punishment, including expulsion from the competition.

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