Despite the presence of players like Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis, and Lebron James, last season\’s campaign for the L.A. Lakers had been utterly disappointing. However, the purple and gold aim to make a strong comeback this season. The star players of Hollywood, LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, Patrick Beverley, and more, are training hard day and night to be on point in every single game. However, the new head coach Darvin Ham believes that not much needs to be changed about the team\’s strategy. For him, the \’Big Three\’ are still the key to their success. 

Lakers\’ \’Big Three\’ Are The Ladder For Success!

The Los Angeles Lakers are preparing to make an incredible comeback before their first game on October 4. However, it doesn\’t appear that the starting lineup under new Los Angeles Lakers coach Darvin Ham will undergo significant changes. While talking to ESPN, Darvin reinstated that he has faith in all three players to do better for their team. 


Due to physical issues, L.A.\’s Big Three only participated in 21 games together last season. Even so, the Lakers only had an 11-10 record during those games. Therefore this time, Ham does pledge to make certain adjustments in an effort to enhance the abilities of his stars. He has created a four-out scheme to provide James and Westbrook more driving angles so they can drive the ball into the hoop. In the team\’s opening preseason game against the Sacramento Kings on Monday, Ham voiced a big wish for his Big Three to participate.

Evidently, LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook had difficulty coordinating their efforts last year. But head coach Ham is certain that the group can succeed this year. The Lakers head has remained teammates with LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, Kendrick Nunn, and Damian Jones during the first several weeks of Training Camp. 

Will Russell Westbrook Start In The Playing 11?


The 2021 NBA season was underwhelming for Lakers stars Russell Westbrook, to say the least. Therefore, fans and critics were questioning his future with the franchise. There have been a whole lot of rumors about Russell Westbrook\’s place on the Lakers squad, with some reports even claiming Westbrook got traded away. However, they all turned out false. And currently, there are no indications that Westbrook will be benched. 

The latest information suggests that Russell Westbrook could start for the playing 11 in the first game alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis this season. James and Davis, the other two prominent players, are likely to start at point guard with Westbrook. However, the duo haven\’t succeeded as a couple. They participated in 22 games last season and recorded ten victories and 11 defeats. Despite that Russell, LeBron, and Anthony Davis are still the focal points of the Lakers\’ strategy. Not only that, the trio is anticipated to play a stronger offensive role in this season.

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