With 8 Constructors and 9 Driver titles, Mercedes is definitely one of the most prolific teams in the Formula One championships. However, the German car manufacturer has been having one of its most terrible seasons in Formula One 2022. Regardless, the team’s most iconic driver and seven times World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, believes that things are about to change, and their first win for the season is just around the corner.

Lewis Hamilton Is Confident About Mercedes’ Turn Around!

Formula One teams are gearing up for the upcoming Belgian Grand Prix. And Lewis Hamilton believes Mercedes is moving closer to scoring its first victory in 2022. As Mercedes has struggled to control their car’s bouncing, Hamilton is yet to make a move this season while operating a poorly performing W13.

Lewis Hamilton finished the first half of the 2022 season with P2 in Hungary before the summer break, capping five straight podiums. But the seven-time world champion is planning to reclaim the top spot in the second part of the season. Hamilton had a chance to win in the ninth race, though he didn’t finish on the front step that particular day. Although Mercedes made notable advancements in the last races before the summer break. And as a result, they took home double podium finishes in France and Hungary. Before this weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix, Hamilton had finished on the podium five times in a row.

This might be the reason why Lewis Hamilton believes that Mercedes is about to return to its winning ways. While answering the question about the same, Hamilton stated, “I think of course we’ve been improving. We’ve had this consistency that’s come up in the recent races. And great progress the team is making, everyone pulling together and continuing to push.”

Lewis Hamilton

George Russell, another Mercedes driver, agrees that the 2022 vehicle is on the verge of being a champion. He added that the way Mercedes has rallied this season has been inspirational. Hamilton has gone 14 races without securing the first position. This is his longest losing streak in Formula 1 history. His previous greatest dry spell, which lasted nine races in 2009 and 2013, was broken by victories at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Apparently, a regulatory gray area that Ferrari and Red Bull allegedly exploited will be eliminated in Belgium. And this will put Mercedes on the same footing as its competitors. Russell and Hamilton are vying for second place in the Drivers’ Championship. It is held by Charles Leclerc, who has 178 points, 20 more than Russell and an additional 12 over Hamilton.

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