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Red Bull has a 76-point lead over the championship rivals Ferrari who have stumbled during the last few races in Monaco, Baku, and Montreal. The Italian racing team achieved an early lead in the season, with Red Bull struggling with reliability issues. However, Charles Leclerc faced a couple of DNFs along with some disappointing results, leading to Ferrari losing its lead. 

However, Christian Horner thinks Ferrari could have the pure form advantage during the upcoming weekend in Silverstone. The Red Bull team principal shared that Ferrari\’s pace makes them the favorites. He also pointed out that Mercedes\’s improved performance could also be a factor in Britain. The Red Bull boss also mentioned that his team is fired up to continue their winning spree after six straight victories this season. 

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Despite Red Bull being in the lead, Horner believes Ferrari\’s form in terms of pace along with the upcoming upgrades could lead them to a victory in Silverstone, bringing the championship fight back in balance. Christian said, looking at their pure form, Ferrari would have a strong race like they had in Barcelona.

Further, the Red Bull boss also stated that Mercedes\’ pace was strong towards the finals stages of the Canadian Grand Prix. Thus, the Silver Arrows could also be a factor during the race in Silverstone. The 48-year-old added, \”I\’m hearing there are going to be a few upgrades as well for Ferrari. It\’s going to be an interesting one.\”

Red Bull Aims To Win At Silverstone After A Disaster Last Year:

Max Verstappen and Red Bull went to Silverstone with a 44-point lead over Mercedes in the 2021 constructors\’ championship. However, the Silver Arrows managed to reduce Red Bull\’s lead to just six points after Verstappen was knocked out during the first lap. Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen made contact at 180mph, resulting in the Dutchman failing to finish.

Meanwhile, Hamilton continued on to win the British Grand Prix last year. Horner revealed that Red Bull is hoping to turn things around this year in Silverstone. The Red Bull boss shared that continuing their momentum would be the key as the team hopes to get their first win in Silverstone since 2012.


Horner said Silverstone was a tough race for his team in 2021. He pointed out that Red Bull went to the venue with a healthy lead. And they are heading to Silverstone in a similar situation this year. Thus, the Red Bull boss thinks that keeping the winning momentum would be important. Horner was delighted by Red Bull\’s run so fat this year. He commended the team & the drivers for doing a great job so far.

Further, the former British driver stated that Silverstone is one of the best circuits in the 2022 calendar. Horner was looking forward to witnessing the British record crowd. He was sure that the two local Mercedes drivers would receive a great deal of support. In addition, Christian told that Red Bull would head to Silverstone all fired up and try to set things right after what happened last year.

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