Ferrari’s performance in Formula One 2022 has not been stellar. Ferrari has thus received a lot of flak for its decisions on strategy during the season. The most recent one occurred at Spa-Francorchamps after the Belgian Grand Prix’s closing laps. Charles Leclerc was signaled to pit. Amid all the backlash, Mattia Binotto, the team’s manager, has backed the team’s plan of action and even referred to it as daring.

During a press conversation on Sunday, Mattia Binotto clarified that there is certainly a need for them to do better and always a need to improve. And that they have learned several lessons throughout the season and have reflected on them. He stated, “But if I look back at the season, I think there is a lot of perception from outside about what are the truth and the reality. Sometimes we are not doing mistakes which have been perceived as mistakes.”

After receiving a severe grid penalty to start behind Max Verstappen, Leclerc appeared to be headed for a fifth-place finish. However, Ferrari subsequently instructed him to pit for new tires in an effort to compete for the fastest lap, for which the driver received a point. Fernando Alonso, though, came out in front of Leclerc and finally overtook him. The emerging Ferrari star did succeed in regaining his position. But he was penalized for speeding on the pit lane and did not set the quickest lap. Even Alonso, who had previously competed for the Prancing Horse, was taken aback by the call.

Later, the team’s leader said that he believed the overall circumstance to be unlucky. And so, when the conditions are right, they should continue to decide to be daring and attempt a fast lap. In the constructor standings, Red Bull is ahead of Ferrari by 118 points. Max Verstappen (284), Charles Leclerc (186), Sergio Perez (191), and Carlos Sainz (171) are the top four drivers in the driver rankings.

Will Ferrari Sack Binotto?

Due to the poor performance by Ferrari in the ongoing season, chants have been raised against team principal Binotto. Several fans and experts have criticized Binotto’s ‘flawed’ strategy for Ferrari’s performance. They are demanding that the team should fire him. Meanwhile, Mattia Binotto has defended the members of his Ferrari squad in the face of calls for the Scuderia to sack personnel due to strategic errors.

The analysts have criticized several of the squad’s moves. However, the team has made just as many good decisions as poor ones this season, according to Binotto. For the moment being, there does not appear any truth to the rumors of Ferrari firing Binotto. But, if the team continues the bad run, it is hard to say how long the management will persist with him.

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