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After a poor mid-season, New York Yankees have made a strong comeback. The team qualified for the postseason and clinched the AL East title defeating the Toronto Blue Jays. The team did that while missing some of their key players. But now, as they head into the final few games of the season, here is good news. DJ LeMahieu, who has been on the IL since the beginning of the month may finally return to the Bullpen on Friday. 

DJ LeMahieu Returning To Yankees Bullpen?

Before the first game of the series against Baltimore on Friday, New York Yankees fielder DJ LeMahieu is anticipated to return from the disabled list. Due to an injured toe on his right foot, LeMahieu hasn\’t played since September 4. With 12 home runs and 46 RBIs in 120 games, he has a.262 batting average.


Aaron Boone, the team\’s manager, said that after hitting and jogging on Tuesday, LeMahieu would perform another rigorous workout. Before reaching a decision, Boone discussed the situation with DJ LeMahieu, the coaching staff, and other people.

Given that the Yankees\’ 5-2 victory against the Blue Jays the previous evening gave them the AL East, a return on Wednesday seemed a possibility. LeMahieu would have to be activated from the disabled list on Friday, according to the final decision. On Friday, LeMahieu is expected to be reinstated off the disabled list in time to face the Orioles. It will be a challenge to see whether he can able to match the performance he put up before to a persistent toe problem.

The Yankees need to see what LeMahieu is capable of during the last seven games of the regular season. He won\’t likely be fully recovered for the remainder of the season before it is decided whether he can play in their ALDS roster. LeMahieu claimed last week that if he can\’t get his swing going, he is useless. Meanwhile, he has been engaging in increasingly intense batting practice. However, the only way to gauge his capacity is through actual game at-bats.

Michael King Doesn\’t Need Tommy John Surgery!


In July 2022, New York Yankees Pitcher Michael King suffered a serious elbow injury, which potentially ruled him out for the entire season. There were concerns that he might need an Ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction, which is also called Tommy John Surgery. 

But now, there is a good for his fans. Sports Illustrated has reported that Michael King\’s injury is not as serious as it was deemed initially. His ulnar collateral ligament is intact. Therefore, the player will not need to undergo Tommy John surgery. 

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