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New York Yankees\’ baseman Aaron Judge is going the brightest of a purple patch in the ongoing season of Major League Basketball. Since Judge started his streak of Home Run, all fans could think about is him getting to that iconic 61 mark and breaking Roger Maris\’ record. After a long wait of seven games, Judge finally achieved this feat on Wednesday. Meanwhile, as he has now achieved the iconic feat, fans are now curious what other records the slugger can accomplish this season. 

Judge Can Achieve This Unattainable Record

On Wednesday night, Aaron Judge blasted his 61st home run in Toronto while playing on the road. A 3-3 stalemate was broken by a two-run home run in the seventh inning, giving the Yankees an 8-3 victory. The Rogers Centre audience, which included Judge\’s mother and Roger Maris Jr., gracefully honored the occasion. But nothing could have matched the adoration that Yankee Stadium would have provided.


Additionally, Aaron Judge gets another chance to write history on his own soil. Following a day off on Thursday, New York will play the Orioles in the first game of a three-game series on Friday. If Judge succeeds in breaking the record for the most home runs in a season, 62, he will be the only one in the AL ever to have done so. 

The outfielder will have three chances to hit a historic home run at Yankee Stadium in the three games versus Baltimore. If Judge is unable to hit HR, he will have to do it in Texas. Against the Rangers, the Yankees will play four games there from October 3 to October 5 to close off their division-winning season. Fans of the Yankees will have plenty to cheer about in Aaron Judge. However, even after he had an all-time season, that cemented his reputation in history.

Aaron Judge Dedicates His Success To His Mother!

On Wednesday, Aaron Judge finally hit his long-awaited 61st Home Run for the Yankees in the 2022 MLB season. Thousands of Yankees fans, including Judge\’s mother in the stadium and millions in their homes, were overjoyed by this moment. Meanwhile, with the world at his feet, Judge has dedicated his success to his mother.  


After the game, the slugger was spotted giving his mother the historic ball in a touching gesture. Aaron Judge has honored his mother following a remarkable performance. She had reportedly supported him all the way up to the major leagues. And Judge has accredited his mother for his success, saying, \”She\’s been with me through it all.\” 

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