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It has been over a month, and the Aaron Judge free agency saga is still going on. After the slugger won the American League MVP award on Thursday, Yankees manager Brian Cashman revealed that they had given a new offer to Aaron Judge. However, it should not be considered that there are no other contenders in the race for Aaron Judge. It is well known to fans that New York Mets & Los Angeles Dodgers are also racing to secure the 2022 MVP. And as per the reasonings and stats, it looks like Judge should opt for another team rather than extend his time with the Yankees. But why is that? Keep reading to find out.

Why Should Aaron Judge Go To The Mets Rather Than The Yankees?

This summer, the New York Mets plan to bolster their roster with talented players. And there\’s a powerful outfielder in the Bronx who recently became a free agent. Meanwhile, ESPN\’s Buster Olney makes the case that the Mets should pursue Aaron Judge. This is because they need power in their starting lineup and because he would cinch up into the positional alignment. In Olney\’s opinion, Judge\’s familiarity with the New York market makes him a terrific match for the Mets. His arrival in Queens would signal a major shift in the New York baseball landscape.

Aaron Judge

Judge\’s appointment would considerably alter the power dynamics of the division. The Mets might try to boost power by splitting their budget between the designated hitter and the outfield. Starling Marte could either return to his natural position in center field while the Mets played Judge in the right, or they could play Judge in the right and keep Marte in center field.

Aaron Judge has set the AL record for home runs in a season. Still, he has endured boos in his own stadium while thriving in New York. He has shown to be a great team leader who is adaptable, approachable, and at ease at all times. Eppler also has personal acquaintance with Judge from his time playing for the Yankees.

The Dodgers Are Also Targetting Judge!

Aaron Judge

According to speculations, the San Francisco Giants and New York Yankees are the two teams left in the running for Aaron Judge. The Los Angeles Dodgers, though, may show up unexpectedly and turn the game into a triple-threat match, according to the most recent rumors. Especially now that they have $100 million off their books. It is thought that the Dodgers are poised to make a push at Judge. By allowing Cody Bellinger and numerous other players to become free agents, the team was able to save a significant amount of cash.

Judge and the Dodgers have been mentioned in connection with one another before. Earlier this offseason, it was believed that they were willing to let Trea Turner depart in order to make a significant move for the freshly crowned AL MVP. That appears to be the case, at least from what we can tell. The Yankees are thought to be the front-runners to re-sign Aaron Judge. So it would be challenging for the Dodgers to acquire him.

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