Mercedes has been one of the most consistently successful Formula one manufacturers over the past few years. Evidently, they had several manufacturers\’ awards and F1 wins. However, it is not easy to maintain that kind of performance and keep repeating it one season after another amid several rule changes. This year, the team has been going through a rough patch for some time. The team\’s performance\’s downward slope might is creating a lot of tension in the outfit. But what is the actual reason for the fall? Let us discuss that-

Why Is Mercedes On A Downfall?  

Mercedes has been extremely successful from the beginning of the V6 turbo-hybrid era, amassing unmatched glory with eight constructors\’ crowns and seven drivers\’ championships. Wining has occasionally been an easy proposition. It is, however, far from possible to maintain that level of performance year after year and despite multiple regulation revisions. Recently, chief technical officer James Allison described Mercedes\’ performance as \”fallen down a hole\”.


The front wing had slight alterations in 2019 as well. The series of aero modifications that turned the tide against the low-rake car design in 2021 merely limited, as opposed to eliminating, its dominance. And all of them came after Mercedes, which won 16 out of 19 races, surged to the top at the start of the 1.6-liter V6 turbo hybrid era in 2014. That was the start of a dominating streak that appeared unstoppable.

Mercedes\’ inability to meet the demands of the 2022 ground effect rules is evidence that no triumph is assured. Although they are a requirement for success, resources, including funds, employees, and facilities, do not ensure it. Just consider Ferrari over the previous ten years. Mercedes has been battling major issues with porpoising, which were somewhat alleviated by their update for the Spanish Grand Prix last month. 

Can Mercedes Regain The Glory By Winning Silverstone?

Eight of the previous ten Formula 1 races have been won by Mercedes there. The team has modifications planned, and George Russell thinks the track should make them significantly more competitive. Mercedes has cause to be optimistic about the British Grand Prix weekend, even by 2022 standards.


Despite having a stellar track record at their home circuit going into Silverstone, Mercedes is not the best team this year. Lewis Hamilton was able to place third in Canada, while George Russell continued his record of top-five results. The Mercedes, meanwhile, is renowned for having the strongest corner speed and smooth track performance. 

Silverstone is a fast track with a respectable surface, although it occasionally bumps and throws drivers off. Elsewhere, the team principal Toto Wolff believes that they must grind away to register a win at Silverstone.

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