Max Verstappen & Checo Red Bull
Max Verstappen and team mate Sergio Perez

Before coming to Brazillian Grand Prix, Red Bull\’s Max Verstappen has already secured this year\’s driver\’s championship title. And as far as the constructor\’s championship is concerned, Red Bull has brushed that title under the rug as well. Still, Max Verstappen declined the team\’s orders yesterday to let Sergio Perez pass, who was in the title contention for Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos. As a result, a fierce blow has come from Checo against his team and Verstappen himself. But why did Max Verstappen went to the last extent and disobeyed Team

What Was The Reason Behind Max Verstappen Disobeying Red Bull Team\’s Orders?

As the Brazilian Grand Prix was in continuation, Verstappen disobeyed a team directive to let Sergio Perez pass. After the Mexican driver had performed the identical maneuver a few laps earlier, the team gave Verstappen the order to permit his colleague to pass. The team wanted Verstappen to return to the sixth spot since he had taken it in order to try to overtake Fernando Alonso but was unable to.

Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen

Early in the race, Verstappen clashed with Lewis Hamilton and was forced to drop to the bottom of the field, making for an interesting race. Although the late race safety car allowed Verstappen to get up to his teammate, Checo when he could pass through the pack.

Verstappen was instructed to let Perez pass in order for the Mexican to take fifth place after passing a struggling Perez at the finish of a tumultuous race. However, Verstappen disregarded the order from Gianpiero Lambiase, the race engineer. He spoke frankly over the team radio when Lambiase questioned him about why he didn\’t allow his teammate to pass. \”I told you previously last time. Don\’t ask me that again, you people,\” claimed the Dutchman.

As a result, Perez will start the final race in Abu Dhabi next week equal on points with Charles Leclerc rather than in first place. The World Championship\’s runner-up spot between Perez and Leclerc is up for grabs. However, following the 2022 F1 Brazilian Grand Prix, Sergio Perez lashed out at Max Verstappen on the team radio. According to him, “After all I have done for him, it is a bit disappointing to be honest. I am really surprised.”

Max Verstappen

Although following the race on Sunday, the team was compelled to undertake \”clear-the-air\” discussions. Perez reacted angrily when Verstappen said that he explained why he chose not to assist his teammate. Checo stated that this revealed the real Verstappen.

Meanwhile, during the conversation with Sky Sports after the race, Verstappen addressed the issue. Max revealed that he understood Perez might be upset. But according to him, Checo needed to understand Verstappen\’s reasons behind what he did. However, he did not reveal the reasons during the conversation. 

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