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Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen Colliding At Interlagos

Sunday\’s Formula One race on the São Paulo track of the Brazillian Grand Prix was quite eventful, to say the least. Early on in the race, there was a little call back to Abu Dhabi 2021, when Red Bull\’s Max Verstappen clashed with his competitor Lewis Hamilton. After the proper investigation by the stewards, Verstappen was handed 10 seconds penalty for the collision. However, it seemed like the team, and the driver himself felt a little unjust with the result they got. Was Max Verstappen actually at fault for that collision? Or it happened because of Lewis Hamilton/ Let us find that out.

Whose Fault Resulted In Verstappen- Hamilton Crash?

At the Sao Paulo Grand Prix\’s restart following the first Safety Car period, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton exchanged punches for the first time in 2022. During their title fight, the 2021 World Championship competitors dramatically clashed in Silverstone, Monza, and Jeddah. However, they haven\’t been in close quarters as much this season. But in yesterday\’s Grand Prix race at Sao Paulo, the duo collided once again while battling for second place behind Mercedes teammate George Russell. Verstappen fared worse because he had to make a pit stop due to damage to his Red Bull.


Following a safety car restart at the beginning of Sunday\’s race, the two competitors ran wheel to wheel into the second corner at Interlagos. But they clashed and were thrown off the track. However, the race continued on lap six. Later, Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc also crashed into the wall in the midst of the action. Following the collision, Hamilton accidentally ran over a part of Max Verstappen\’s car\’s wreckage. Still, he proceeded to pursue the season\’s first Formula One victory, although his Mercedes vehicle seemed to be substantially unharmed. 

Lewis Hamilton believes that it was just a racing incident. And that\’s exactly what he told the press after the race\’s conclusion. Even the stewards also agreed with Hamilton. That is why they gave the two-time World Champion a five-second time penalty. Verstappen was penalized and sent back into the pits to get a replacement front wing for his Red Bull vehicle due to the incident. However, the current world champion complained over the team radio that Max had left no room for him.

After his unscheduled pit stop and subsequent penalty, Max Verstappen slid to 17th, putting him in jeopardy of missing the podium for the first time since the Australian Grand Prix in April. The unwillingness of either of the duo to yield the field before making contact also disappointed supporters.

FIA Explains Why Max Verstappen Was Given Penalty?


Following an investigation after the clash in Sao Paulo, the stewards punished Verstappen with a five-second penalty. Meanwhile, after the decision, the FIA explained why Max Verstappen was punished for the incident. Verstappen allegedly tried to pass Hamilton on the outside of Turn 1 by braking very late, according to the stewards.

Because of Verstappen\’s excessive speed, he could not complete the pass in Turn 1. And when he entered Turn 2, Hamilton was in contact with him. The stewards found that Max Verstappen was primarily to blame. Even though they acknowledged that Hamilton might have had the option of giving a little more room at the apex of Turn 2.

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