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Why Did Stephen Curry Call His Rival LeBron James ‘Newcomer’ After His Huge Win?

Looks like Stephen Curry did not sit idle after the Golden States Warriors lost against the Los Angeles Lakers in Round 2 of the 2022-23 season. He was upset, for sure, to miss out on the opportunity to become the five-time champion. But he will wait for the next season to help the Warriors extend their dynasty to five titles. But before the next season began, Curry had to do something meanwhile in the long offseason.

It is a long offseason indeed, as the Warriors have made a habit of playing every NBA season till June. But they could not do that this year. Hence, Stephen Curry got some time to spend on his other passion – Golf. With the extra time he got for golf practice, Curry shocked the sporting world, winning the Celebrity American Century Championship title. More specifically, his one-hole-in-one swing shot garnered a lot of attention from the sporting world. This shot proved his accuracy in the game of golf as well. And after the win, Curry expressed his desire to see more ballers and other sporting people start playing golf.


Stephen Curry Hopes LeBron James And Other Sporting Personalities Would Start Playing Golf As Well

Stephen Curry ACC
Stephen Curry ACC Source: Golfweek USA Today

In the basketball universe, everybody is aware of the accurate shooting skill set of Stephen Curry. But now everybody got to know about his accurate hitting in golf. Players from all corners of the sporting world, like LeBron James and Patrick Mahomes, and Trae Young, praised Curry on Twitter. After winning the golf title, Stephen Curry also came to ESPN for a short interview, where he got to know about the several praises from athletes all around the corner. In response, the Warriors’ ace mentioned, “It is so cool and so crazy to know that there are so many newcomers waiting to start playing golf.”

According to Stephen Curry, the popularity of the game of golf is growing rapidly among basketball players. Hence, he wishes to see more sporting personalities get the clubs in their hands and start playing golf. Of the people who praised Curry among them, Patrick Mahomes wished he was as cool as Curry. And who knows if LeBron James and Trae Young will express interest in playing golf in the future? Probably, like LeBron’s hero, Michael Jordan, James can join the game of golf after he retires.

Like Jordan, Curry Is Also A Passionate Golfer

Stephen Curry ACC Michael Jordan
Stephen Curry ACC Michael Jordan Golf Source: Basket USA

However, Michael Jordan always had an interest in golf as well as baseball other than basketball. Similarly, Stephen Curry is also another famous basketball player who spends a lot of time playing golf. The game of Golf is their second love. However, Curry recently achieved something Jordan has not. As an active NBA player, the Dubnation’s hero became the first black athlete to win the ACC title.

After the campaign of the Warriors was cut short, Curry brought out the club and started focusing on golf practice. It helped him gain a lot of muscle memory. He had four extra weeks of practice, which helped him to get better at hitting tee shots as well as approach shots. Later, the muscle memory helped his routine on the green. The three-point King mentioned that muscle memory generally helps in shooting on the basketball court as well.