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“We Did Not Have It Easy” Sebastian Vettel Takes Stand For Max Verstappen Amid Lewis Hamilton’s Criticism

Like Sebastian Vettel had a great stint with Red Bull, Max Verstappen is having the same kind of journey with the team in the current era. The former F1 driver won four consecutive titles with Red Bull from 2010 to 2013. But now, Verstappen is on the verge of winning his third consecutive championship. He broke Lewis Hamilton’s long-stretched streak back in 2021. Not only that, in the next season, Verstappen won 15 races to clinch his second consecutive title. It is a record in F1 to win 15 GPs in one season. However, as things stand currently, Max Verstappen can break that record very easily.

It is not yet halfway through the 2023 season, and Max has won eight already, while Red Bull has won all ten so far. Thanks to the incredible car design of Adrian Newey and the Honda engine, the RB19 car has been the fastest and absolutely unbeatable. Hence, some fans complain that Red Bull and Max Verstappen are actually destroying the sport. However, the former Red Bull champion, Sebastian Vettel, took a stand for his former team and even Verstappen during the Goodwood Festival of Speed last weekend. But what did Vettel say? Keep reading to find out.


Sebastian Vettel Says It’s Not Right To Say Verstappen’s Domination Comes Easily

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Sebastian Vettel told the reporters that it is never easy for any driver to win with tremendous consistency. According to him, “I did not have it easy back in the early 2010s. Neither did Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher, or Mika Hakkinen.” The F1 great further explained that it takes much more than just lap times. For him, the credit goes to the Red Bull team’s consistency, perfection, and qualities to conceive and build such a magnificent car that wins every weekend. Sebastian Vettel also acknowledged that reliability must not let the team down.

Vettel even points out the brilliance of Max Verstappen. According to him, Verstappen deserves his due credit. He makes no mistakes and is giving fantastic performances every weekend. It shows how incredibly talented he is. The four-time world champion believes that it is not right to judge so soon if the Dutchman is lucky and if he gets things in life very easily. But what nobody can deny about the current double-time champion is that he is consistent. On top of that, his incredible consistency is making Sergio Perez look very bad in front of every Formula One fan. 

Fans Criticize Max Verstappen For Destroying The Sport With Absolute Dominance

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The Milton Keynes team has a chance to become the first F1 team in history to win every race of a season. McLaren and Mercedes have been close to doing that in the past, but they either fell one or two races short. But the way the RB19 car has been performing is raising the hopes of Red Bull fans that the team can actually pull it off.

It will be a new history in Formula One that will belong to Red Bull. However, the question arises if it will be good for the sport. Everybody expects thrill and excitement because of competition between two drivers or two teams, like in 2021. But if one driver and team win everything, it gets too boring. It may cause the F1 sport to lose some fans.