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Team Red Bull has been dominating the F1 grid since last year. Their driver Max Verstappen won the driver’s world championship in 2021 for the first time and repeated the same feat the previous season. But the man who has been behind the success of Red Bull for all these years has been none other than their chief technical engineer, Adrian Newey. Apparently, he has been the mastermind behind the incredible RB19 car.

Due to their brilliant and fastest car RB19, Red Bull has won all eight races so far this season. And the due credit should be given to the current double-time champion, Max Verstappen. Apparently, there is a lot of work that goes on in the development of the car. Hence, only a good driver cannot win championships again and again. The genius behind Red Bull’s powerful car design has been Adrian Newey. However, after Red Bull won their 100th win this weekend in Canada, engineer Newey hinted at retirement. But how will Red Bull manage without Adrian Newey?


Red Bull Will Feel A Big Void When Adrian Newey Retires

Adrian Newey Red Bull
Adrian Newey Christian Horner Red Bull

Adrian Newey, 64, is the best engineer in F1, whose car designs have won 13 championships so far. And clearly, he is not looking to slow down, as he has extended his contract with Red Bull. However, in an interview with Sky Sports, Newey mentioned, “I’m glad to be part of this sport for so many years.” The chief technical engineer added that when he got his first paycheck from engineering cars in motorsport, that was a dream come true. Since then, he believes that everything that came his way has been a bonus. But he also revealed to Sky Sports that “ I believe the countdown to my retirement has begun. Of course, I can’t go on forever. But when that day will come, I don’t know yet.”

when Newey will announce his retirement, it will be a sad day for Red Bull. They will have to find someone to fill his big shoes. Adrian Newey has spent more than thirty years in Formula One, since the days of Alain Prost and Damon Hill with Williams in the 1990s. But the successful era of Red Bull began in 2010 with Sebastian Vettel starting dominating the grid with Newey’s designed car, and it continued till 2013. After many years Red Bull is enjoying hegemony again with Max Verstappen. Hence, the Milton Keynes team knows that their chief technical officer cum aerodynamicist and designer in F1 and Indycar Racing, Adrian Newey, is irreplaceable. Moreover, it will be interesting to see how the current champions cope when Newey will be gone.

Christian Horner And Newey’s Partnership Has Been Epic

Red Bull Boss Christian Horner & Chief Technical Engineer Adrian Newey
Red Bull Boss Christian Horner & Chief Technical Engineer Adrian Newey

Team boss Christian Horner and engineer Adrian Newey have been an incredible tale of success. They have faced both the hard times and the good moments together. However, at present, no other team comes close to Red Bull. They won 17 races in the last season where Max Verstappen won 15 alone. This year as well, he has won six races already, while the Milton Keynes team is keeping the winning streak of eight out of eight.

Recently, the Austrian team completed their 100 Grand Prix wins in Canada last weekend. The Dutchman equaled Ayrton Senna’s GP win count. Amidst such joy, Adrian Newey hinted suddenly at retirement. As he stated, “I’ll quit immediately when I realize that there is no need of me to stay with the team anymore.” Newey is a legendary car designer who celebrated his 200th win in the Canadian Grand Prix.