George Russell
George Russell & Simon Lazenby

This year at the Spanish GP, both Mercedes drivers George Russell and Lewis Hamilton earned podiums, all thanks to the updates brought to their W14 car. It was the first double podium for the team this season. Hamilton gained his second P2 finish in Spain after one in Australia. On the other hand, Russell achieved his first podium this season with a P3 finish. After eight races so far this year, that is the best result the younger Briton has gained for his team. Otherwise, it has been Hamilton only, who got multiple podium finishes this season so far.

However, Russell has disappointed the Mercedes fans after raising hopes last year. The 25-year-old, in his debut season for Mercedes, won the solitary race last season in Brazil for his team. On the other hand, Lewis Hamilton faced his first-ever winless season. However, George Russell has a lot to prove to the team and fans so that they still have faith in him. Although he still believes that he is faster than the seven-time world champion. In an interview with Sky Sports, George Russell mentioned that he is faster than the F1 GOAT, Lewis Hamilton. But how, keep reading to find out.


George Russell Believes He Is Faster Than The F1 GOAT

Lewis Hamilton George Russell
Lewis Hamilton George Russell Mercedes Source: Autoweek

It was a lie-detector test where he revealed that he had the utmost respect for Lewis Hamilton and his achievements. But Russell feels that at present, he is quicker than the seven-time champion. In the fun interview with Sky Sports, there were a number of questions Russell was thrown related to Hamilton. And he had to answer as honestly as possible. After all, it was a lie-detector test. The computer checked all the answers to see if they were true or not. After the test, the F1 host, Simon Lazenby, remarked, “It was a good test to pass.” Regarding the Hamilton question, George Russell specifically mentioned, “If it means at present, then yes, I’m faster than Lewis Hamilton.”

The 25-year-old British driver even joked about Hamilton’s fashion sense as well. With the computer hooked up to him, Russell answered that he believes Hamilton has a good fashion sense. However, some attires are a little bit questionable choices. On top of that, Russell got the question if he was the most good-looking driver in Formula One. To that, he replied, “No.” But the computer said, “Incorrect.” Russell also mentioned that “Lewis Hamilton is a good-looking dude, then you have the Ferrari duo – Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. I may be around top five.”

Russell Believes He Can Be A World Champion Someday

Mercedes George Russell
George Russell Mercedes Source: PlanetF1

Apparently, one more question was regarding his faith in himself and whether he would be a world champion someday. To that, George Russell mentioned, “Yes.” Surprisingly, the computer detected he was telling the truth. Hence, the question arises when that season will arrive.

The Mercedes driver is not having a great season so far. Hence, he must buck up as soon as possible to help his team get close to their arch-rivals. Red Bull is way ahead of Mercedes at present. Their two drivers are enjoying the top two positions so far. But the Mercedes duo will hope to repeat their feat at the Spanish Grand Prix this season. Even better would be the repeat of the Brazilian Grand Prix of last year.