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Last week, the news about Red Bull allegedly exceeding the last year\’s budget broke the internet. Meanwhile, Red Bull\’s fierce competitor, Mercedes\’ boss Toto Wolff has been throwing fireballs at the team ever since. But now, there are rumors that the reports might have been leaked by Toto Wolff\’s \”insider\” in the FIA. But who is that mole? Keep reading to find out.

Does Toto Wolff Have A Mole In The FIA?

Red Bull is being accused of violating the cost cap regulations of $145 million during the previous season. The team has reacted angrily to the allegations and denied any wrongdoing. But the actual truth will only come out on Wednesday when the FIA completes its investigation of the team\’s financial records.


As per some speculations, a former Toto Wolff insider may have leaked the material on Red Bull\’s suspected budget cap violation who now works for the FIA. Ralf Schumacher, a former Formula One racer, believes this to be the case after top Red Bull executive Dr. Helmut Marko claimed he believed the FIA might have a spy on its staff. Earlier this year, Ferrari CEO Mattia Binotto also expressed \”alarm\” over the appointment of former Wolff and Mercedes advisor and lawyer Shaila-Ann Rao as the FIA\’s new secretary general for sport.

Ralf Schumacher also asserted that Toto Wolff\’s \”old employee may have pushed the rumors that Red Bull has broken F1 rules.\” Schumacher is said to have pressed the regulatory agency to launch an inquiry. The investigation is to determine how the information was disclosed. Recently, Ralf also spoke with Sky Deutschland. He pointed out that everyone is aware that Toto Wolff\’s former employee and close confidant is holding a job with the FIA.


The FIA is examining teams\’ financial data which anticipates releasing compliance certifications on Wednesday. Schumacher\’s remarks follow Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko\’s claims about a mole leaking the information. The FIA confirmed in a statement on Friday that it is now concluding its investigation of the alleged financial misconduct. And they will formally look into any financial regulatory violations.

Wolff also mentioned that the discoveries angered Mercedes because it would disadvantage competing teams. Mattia Binotto also saw Toto Wolff for an hour on Friday. Yesterday, he was seen visiting the Mercedes hospitality area again, maybe to talk about the accusations against Red Bull. While Horner retaliated against his opponents for making \”defamatory\” remarks, Red Bull said that the stories were only speculative.

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