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The past few days in the Formula One paddock have been dominated by the budget cap allegation against Red Full for the 2021 season. The FIA is currently conducting an investigation into the matter and will reveal its report on Wednesday. If proven true, these allegations could cause serious trouble for the Red Bull team, with Max Verstappen potentially losing his 2021 world championship. In the midst of all this, Mercedes team leader Toto Wolff is contemplating a surprise visit to Japan. 

Will Fans See Toto Wolff At The Japanese Grand Prix?

Toto Wolff, the CEO of Mercedes, is reportedly thinking about taking an unexpected trip to Japan. It is rumored that he intends to address the consequences of the highly anticipated cost cap breach controversy that is engulfing Formula One.


Any teams who failed to adapt to the last season\’s £114 million price range will be revealed by the FIA on Wednesday. Red Bull has dealt with unsubstantiated accusations that they violated the financial rules. When Max Verstappen defeated Lewis Hamilton in the 2021 championship, they supported him along the way.

Horner, Wolff & Binotto

However, Wolff has urged the FIA to punish any team that spends excessively with severe measures. Amid the row, Christian Horner said Wolff made some \”hugely slanderous, fake statements.\” He expressed his confidence that Red Bull is not in violation. Throughout a turbulent weekend in Singapore, the Red Bull team owner also threatened legal action against Mercedes. Christian Horner is asking to take back all the absurd comments the rival teams have served on the basis of pure assumptions. Meanwhile, the Austrian team is focused on their second world championship title this year. If Verstappen wins and records the best lap, he will arrive at the finish line with four rounds remaining and claim his second straight title.

Lately, Toto Wolff declared in an interview that he had no plans to travel to Suzuka. Because of the game\’s tight schedule, he hasn\’t missed a single race since 2019. In entirety, Wolff has only been away twice in the last nine years. Depending on the FIA\’s decision, the Austrian team management could alter his travel schedule. He could arrive in Japan for the FIA showdown. 


In order to \”survive\” F1\’s 24-round schedule for next year, Toto Wolff admitted that he would miss several races in the upcoming season. He also said he is \”100% convinced\” Hamilton will win an eighth championship with Mercedes. Additionally, he anticipates the 37-year-old Briton to sign a whole new contract.

In addition, Mercedes had a difficult night during the rain-soaked race in Singapore on Sunday. Their lead driver Lewis Hamilton finished just ninth after making two mistakes. After final crashes with Valtteri Bottas and Mick Schumacher, George Russell crossed the street on the fourteenth attempt. After the next season, Hamilton\’s £40 million contract will expire, but Wolff anticipates a renewal from the British driver.

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