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Who Is LeBron James\’ Father? All Details About NBA Superstar\’s Parentage & Early Life

LeBron James\’ journey to NBA prominence has occurred against every obstacle you can think of. It is the stuff of legends. And even though LeBron\’s mother has been an active presence in his life, his fans are always puzzled about the paternal heritage of the NBA star. So, who is LeBron James\’ father? What impact did he have on young James? Let us take a look-

Early Life!

On December 30, 1984, LeBron Raymone James was born in Akron, Ohio. Anthony McClelland and Gloria Marie James are his parents. Due to his father\’s lack of parental involvement, Gloria raised him alone. He was raised in a low-income household where his mother struggled to find a stable job. He and his mother were forced to move around between apartments in seedy areas of Akron. Frank Walker, who taught him how to play basketball when he was nine years old, was able to live with him because of Gloria.


St. Vincent-St. Mary High School is where LeBron James finished high school. He enthusiastically engaged in basketball matches and competitions at his school and with his peers. He was also selected as Mr. Basketball for Ohio in his senior year as well. LeBron was even nominated to the USA Today All-USA First Team and won the Gatorade National Player of the Year award twice in a row.

Who Is LeBron James\’s Father?

James has always been open about the fact that his father abandoned his mother, a 16-year-old high school sophomore, when she gave birth to him. LeBron James\’ parents are the subject of a good deal of rumors. An Anthony McClelland, who may or may not be James\’ biological father, has recently been the subject of several rumors. While his mother, Gloria James, is a highly noticeable influence in his life, his father, Anthony McClelland, is still somewhat of a mystery.


Since Gloria James, and Lebron,  are reluctant to divulge too much about Anthony McClelland, it is unknown who he is. When Gloria gave birth to their son, LeBron, Anthony and Gloria were dating casually. Gloria was just sixteen at the time, and Anthony was not a particularly encouraging parent. McClelland has a long history of criminal activity. He also failed to make child support payments, leaving Gloria to care for LeBron alone. LeBron\’s mother needed McClellan. But he wasn\’t there for them. Gloria had trouble finding a steady job, so they had to relocate from one apartment to another.

Is Anthony McClelland Actually Ronald Bivens?


The possibility that Anthony McClelland and Roland Bivens are the same people has been strongly alleged. The latter was a basketball player who went to Gloria\’s high school, where Lebron James\’ mother attended. Roland was reportedly friends with Gloria at the time, but once he was accused of theft and arson, he supposedly vanished. After LeBron James was born, no one was aware of his father\’s identity. However, according to reports, Roland Bivens did not acknowledge the paternity of the basketball star since it was said that he passed away in a drive-by in 1994 when the child was just eight years old.

Reports claim that Roland Bivens, who reportedly changed his identity to Anthony McClelland in order to escape going to jail or who reportedly had previously served time in prison, did not truly pass away. Given that he had previously committed the same act, Anthony McClelland\’s 2002 arrest for theft and arson led some to speculate that McClelland and Bivens were the same people.

LeBron James Sued By A Man Claiming To Be His Father!


About LeBron James\’ paternal lineage, there is not much certainty. Leicester Stovell, though, has said that he is LeBron\’s father and that he had spent time with Gloria James, LeBron\’s mother. According to Stovell\’s allegations, Gloria and he had a one-night stand after he had a conversation with her. But the man was so humiliated by his actions. She never heard from him again. But a few weeks later, Gloria informed him that she was expecting. She was just 15 at the time, and he declared that he had no desire to associate with her.

Mama James receives an unexpected call from a former acquaintance. Leicester wanted to get in touch and meet his kid, but she blocked him because she thought he was trying to take advantage of LeBron\’s popularity. However, the results of the DNA test came back negative.

For slander, false representation, and fraud, Stovell filed a $4 million lawsuit against the mother and son. It was clear from the start that the man was only in it for the money and nothing else, so the judge overseeing the case promptly dismissed it. LeBron\’s ability to be a great father to his three children may be due to this.

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