Following another victory in the Dutch Grand Prix, it would be safe to safe to say that Max Verstappen has hands on the Formula One 2022 championship. This will differ unless he has something really awful performance ahead. But realistically, the prospect of Verstappen winning the 2022 championship is not a matter of if but when. So, let’s discuss the mathematical possibilities before fans see the Red Bull driver becoming the two-time world champion. 

When Can Verstappen Win The 2022 Championship?

With the kind of unparalleled dominance that Max Verstappen has asserted this season, it is a near certainty that soon, he will have his second World Championship trophy. Following his triumph at home track in the Dutch Grand Prix, the Red Bull driver has accumulated ten victories from 15 races this season. He now has a 109-point lead over teammate Sergio Perez and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc with seven Grand Prix remaining. Evidently, Verstappen is currently dominating the championship, easily outpacing all of his rivals.

Max Verstappen is in the top position with 310 points overall in the drivers’ standings. It is a 109-point advantage over teammate Perez and Leclerc. Although the Monegasque will finish with 391 points if he wins every race from now until the conclusion of the season, in addition to the fastest lap points. On the other hand, Verstappen just has to collect 82 of the available 190 points to win the world championship. With five races remaining, Verstappen could win the championship at his earliest convenience as soon as Singapore Grand Prix.

However, for that to happen, Max will have to win three of the remaining races. Another possibility is that Max Verstappen secures a win in the upcoming Italian Grand Prix while also winning the award for fastest lap. If this happens, he will be 135 points clear with 164 left to play for. But if things don’t go the Dutchman’s way in the Italian GP, he will have to wait for Singapore GP. But there also, Max will need just 26 points to clinch the victory. 

Unlike Leclerc and Perez, who have averaged 13.4 Points Per Race, the Dutchman has scored an astonishing 20.6 PPR. Therefore, as per the calculations, Max Verstappen will win the world championship by the time the checkered flag is raised at the Suzuka track of the Japanese Grand Prix, considering his average across the remainder of the season. However, Max won’t be content to stutter his way to the finish line. It’s not in his character, and he still has a slew of records to break, including most victories in a single season.

Can Max Verstappen Break The Record For Most Wins In A Season?

With the kind of groove the Red Bull driver is in, it is not hard to imagine him breaking the record of most races won in an F1 season. Currently, the record for most wins in a season is held jointly by Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel. Both the drivers have secured 13 wins in one season of Formula One. As for Max Verstappen, he has won 10 races at this point. Meanwhile, with seven races in the season, it is not very unlikely that Max might go on to shatter the record of most races won in one F1 season. 

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