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WHAT? A Red Sox Legend Protecting Aaron Judge From Crude New York Yankees’ Fans

Former Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz recently defended Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge and criticized some New York fans for their harsh treatment of the star player.

Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees rivalry go a long way. Both teams have been at crossroads for decades. Moreover, the passionate fans leave no stone unturned while taking cheeky shots at one another. However, on many occasions, the fans tend to go a little overboard while expressing their dissent. Recently, Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz shared an incident wherein he shut a Yankee fan for speaking ill about Aaron Judge.


Judge has been a standout player for the Yankees since his debut in 2016. He has been named to two All-Star teams and won a Silver Slugger award. Further, last season, the slugger broke the shackles and the all-time high record of scoring the most home runs in a single MLB season. However, all his achievements cease to exist when the Yankees fail to win a championship title. Meanwhile, David Cortiz has now come to Judge’s defence and comes down heavily on toxic New York fans.

David Cortiz Shuts Down A Fan For Bad Mouthing Aaron Judge

David Ortiz
David Ortiz

Aaron Judge is the face of New York. Over the years, the slugger has emerged as one of the best baseball players not just in New York but in the entire MLB scene. However, the fans are still unsatisfied due to the slugger’s inability to carry the team to a championship title. Recently, former Red Sox slugger David Ortiz appeared on a podcast and shared an incident to prove the toxicity of New York Fans.

David said he met a Yankees fan who continuously talked ill about Aaron Judge. Despite being a rival, Ortiz was left irked by the comments and clapped back at the fan. He asked the fan to picture a Yankees lineup without Aaron Judge. The statement silenced the fan as he had no answer to it. Ortiz further added that the New York fans are ungrateful to have such amazing talents in the bullpen, and that sets them apart from the Red Sox fans, who never boo their own players.

“You fans need to understand that whoever takes that field wants to get things done,” said David Ortiz.

Judge To Lead Yankees This Season

Aaron Judge uplifted his stakes after a remarkable 2022 season. Hence, the New York Yankees had to give it all in to retain the slugger for as long as possible. Hal Steinbrenner, the Yanks owner, drafted a contract according to the slugger’s needs and retained him in a high voltage dramatic free agency. Judge accepted a nine-year-long contract worth $360 million.

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge-Yankees

To further elevate Aaron Judge’s stature within the organization, the Yankees front office handed the captaincy badge to the slugger. Judge was named the 16th appointed captain of the Yankees. Further, the 30-year-old will succeed Derek Jeter, who left the office after his retirement in 2014. Now, the onus is on Aaron to lead the team to a championship title, which has not returned to the Bronx since 2009.