Aaron Judge- Steph Curry
Aaron Judge- Steph Curry

There are several teams attempting to recruit Aaron Judge in their squad from the free agency. However, the Yankees management and their fans know that the San Francisco Giants are their biggest threat. As per the reports, Judge was in his home state, California, where he had a meeting with the Giants. But that was not all, as the news also suggested that the Giants pulled an ace up their sleeve in the form of NBA team Warriors\’ star Steph Curry. The Warriors icon did his part in trying to persuade Judge to join the SF giants.

Steph Curry Persuading Aaron Judge For The Love Of Red Sox

Even though the former New York Yankees star is now a free agent, Aaron Judge is still coveted by every team in Major League Baseball. Most of the time, Steph Curry\’s presence during the Giants\’ pitch was harmless.  Steph in the Bay region would warmly welcome another professional athlete. Especially if it meant sharing the spotlight with someone during the latter stages of his career. Although Steph Curry is from the Bay Area, he supports the Boston Red Sox. And he used this slick move to lure Aaron Judge to the Giants.

Aaron Judge & Steph Curry

During Aaron Judge\’s recent trip to the West Coast, Steph Curry essentially gave the Giants\’ claim that they hired him to court the outfielder official confirmation. At some point, he acknowledged that an encounter between him and the Giants and Judge was scheduled for this past week. However, the return trip for the Golden State Warriors after a match in New Orleans was hampered. The two parties could not speak to one another directly because of it. Judge and Curry communicated via text message instead.

Curry has claimed to be a lifelong Boston Red Sox supporter. And he may not have any problem in sharing the San Francisco spotlight with the free agent. The NBA champ cherishes the opportunity to raise the Red Sox\’s chances by persuading an MVP-caliber player to defect from the New York Yankees.

Aaron Judge

Due to his anticipated expectations, the four-time All-pool Star\’s of suitors is quite limited. But it barely affects his power. The Los Angeles Dodgers are expected to participate with the San Francisco Giants, and a game against the New York Yankees is possible.

Without question, Judge is the player among those seeking free agency this year with the highest amount of interest. Steve Adams of \”MLB Trade Rumors\” thinks that Judge will get a contract between eight years and $332 million, given how amazing his season has been. The Giants are an intriguing contender in the Aaron Judge jackpot. Just one and a half hours separate him from San Francisco, where he was raised. Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets are a few more teams who have been mentioned as potential bidders for the slugger.

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