Steve Kerr disputes media criticism of Steph Curry’s leadership after the recent Draymond Green incident with Jusuf Nurkic. Sportskeeda

The Golden State Warriors’ playoff hopes are hanging by a thread as they strive to keep up with the highly competitive Western Conference points table. While the team won a challenging matchup against the Bucks, the Dubs’ latest loss against the Dallas Mavericks has once again put the team in a fix.

Ever since Steph Curry rolled his ankle, the Golden State Warriors suffered a three-game losing streak. The recent one against Mavericks was a huge blow as both Curry and Draymond Green sat out due to health concerns. However, despite the concerning losing streak, head coach Steve Kerr is motivated and excited about the team’s playoff push.


Steve Kerr Express Optimism Amid Warriors Concerning Losing Streak!

Steve Kerr
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In the dynamic landscape of the NBA, resilience in the face of adversity is often the differentiator between success and failure. Following a challenging defeat against the Dallas Mavericks, Steve Kerr, head coach of the Golden State Warriors, exuded a sense of hope and determination. The Dubs missed the services of Steph Curry and Draymond Green as the veteran duo battled health issues. While Curry is down with an ankle injury, Green endured back soreness. Needless to say, a half-strength Dubs lineup went 109-99 down against the powerhouse Mavericks. With that, the dynast team has endured its third straight loss, which will deeply hurt its late playoff push. The Warriors are currently 10th on the Western Conference table with a 34-31 record.

Meanwhile, despite the damaging losing streak, head coach Steve Kerr feels good about the Golden State Warriors’ playoff chances. He said the season has been a marathon for the team. But he has faith in the lineup to bounce back against adversities, especially after the comeback of Steph Curry and Draymond Green. “I think we have an identity. I’m excited about the last part of the season,” said Kerr. Indeed, Kerr’s faith in his players is well-founded. Part of the coach’s optimism stems from the Warriors’ track record of success in high-stakes situations. With multiple NBA championships under their belt, they are no strangers to adversity. Instead of viewing setbacks as obstacles, they see them as opportunities for growth and self-improvement. Overall, with Steve Kerr at the helm and a roster brimming with talent and tenacity, the Dubs’ playoff aspirations remain well within reach.

Steph Curry Expected To Return Vs Lakers

Steph Curry
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In a massive boost ahead of the big game against the Los Angeles Lakers, Steve Kerr confirmed Steph Curry’s return to the lineup. During a post-game interview, Kerr said he expects Curry to be featured in the upcoming fixture against the Lakers unrestricted. Notably, Curry’s medical scans came clean after the point guard rolled his ankle vs the Bulls.

Steph Curry was allowed to resume on-court training drills earlier this week and is set to undergo a evaluation soon. In an ideal world, the star point guard should be able to return against LeBron James led Lakers. While Draymond Green’s injury status is yet unknown, a positive update surrounding Curry is a major sign of encouragement for the Golden State Warriors.

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