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“We Got Nothing To Lose,” Warriors’ Draymond Green Sends Chilling Warning To LeBron James’ Lakers Ahead Of Game 5

Draymond Green faced a lot of criticism after Game 4, where the Warriors ended on the losing side after a close fight. The defending champs could have leveled the series in Game 4 after a bad loss to the Lakers in Game 3. In the third game, the LA side blew the Dubs away 127-97. However, in the fourth game, the Golden State came so close to beating the hosts but fell short as the Lakers won 104-101. It is quite ironic that the team who revolutionized three-pointers fell short of a single three-pointer to save the match. Eventually, the Lakers lead the series 3-1. Now, they are just a win away from clinching the series and eliminating the defending champions.

For Game 4, fans and experts equally blamed Draymond Green for making a costly mistake in the final minute. Green went to score a two-pointer, as it seemed. But he changed his mind to pass the ball to Andrew Wiggins, who was not ready for the pass. But Anthony Davis was ready to steal the loose ball, and the Warriors lost a golden chance. Since then, Draymond Green has been paying the price for harsh criticism. Fans are claiming that the Warriors’ defender does not care about the Golden State anymore. He prefers to move to the Lakers and play alongside his good friend, LeBron James. However, Draymond Green gave a solid reply to the criticisms.


Draymond Green Warns People Before They Underestimate The Warriors

Draymond Green LeBron James
LeBron James Lakers Draymond Green Warriors Source: Jim Poorten/NBAE via Getty Images

After all these harsh criticisms from fans and experts, there was a need for a solid reply. Draymond Green presented such a reply in his podcast via Bleacher Report. Green emphasizes that the Warriors have been in this situation before, and they know very well how to bounce back from this situation. It is still 3-1, which means there are still three games remaining for the Golden State to turn things again. Draymond Green asserted that “The idea is to take one game at a time. You win one game, and the pressure flips. If we win tomorrow, then we go to Los Angeles to make the series 3-3. No team wants to play Game 7 on the road.

But if the Game 7 situation arrives, then the Lakers will face the Warriors back at the Chase Center. Addressing the same, Draymond Green points out that they have nothing to lose. Hence, the Warriors are as dangerous as wounded tigers. The Warriors’ player is confident that he and Klay Thomson will have a better game tomorrow. Green also suggests that Stephen Curry will be eager to blow the Lakers away. Curry had a good game in their previous encounter on a losing cause. Hence, he must be too anxious to get the win right this time for the team.

Warriors Need To Make LeBron James Pay For Ruining Their 2015-16 Season

Draymond Green LeBron James
Draymond Green LeBron James Source: The New York Times

For the Warriors, a win this year against the Lakers is more than necessary. It will be sweet revenge on LeBron James, who defeated the Warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals, coming back from a 1-3 deficit. Something like that had never happened before.

Furthermore, it was the same season when the Golden State broke the Chicago Bulls record for most wins in the regular season after winning 73 games. The Warriors are not the frontrunner this time. Hence, they have a good chance to beat LeBron James’s side after falling behind 3-1.