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“F1 Is Not As Exciting As the NFL Or The NBA,” Lewis Hamilton Takes Indirect Dig At Red Bull’s Dominance

Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time World Champion in Formula One, has been struggling for the past couple of seasons due to the lack of car pace. The Mercedes’ machinery has not performed up to the mark and lost significant pace after the 2021 season. Even this year, the agony continues as the new W14 has the same issue as the W13. While the Silver Arrows have tried to salvage the damage, it has not worked well for the team as they dropped down to third in the constructor’s championship.

On the other hand, Red Bull racing is absolutely dominating the sport of Formula One. This season they have a winning record of 100% and have maintained huge lead in the drivers and constructors championship. However, some fans and analysts believe that Red Bull’s extreme dominance has turned the sport non-competitive and predictable which has led to a loss of viewership as fans are not enjoying the sport as much as they did before. Meanwhile, Mercedes’ ace, Lewis Hamilton, has weighed his thoughts on the whole issue.


“It’s Not My Job To Convince People To Watch F1,” Lewis Hamilton Takes An Indirect Jibe At Red Bull

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton.MERCEDES AMG-F1

Red Bull racing is ruling the tracks of Formula One at the moment with no significant competition from any rival team. Ferrari and Aston Martin have finished 10 odd seconds behind the drink-based team so far, which has led to the sport being way too predictable. Many F1 pundits over the past few weeks have raised this concern as they feel the race weekends are getting “boring” to watch. Meanwhile, Mercedes ace Lewis Hamilton has addressed the issue and raised alarming concerns. The Briton reckoned that it’s not his job to convince people to watch a sport like F1.

Hamilton believes fans are drifting away from the sport due to a lack of competitiveness. He even compared F1 with major sports leagues in the world, like NFL and NBA, and said that Formula One is not as exciting as those other sports. The Briton feels the huge gaps between teams must be closed down to increase the competitiveness of the sport. The FIA has tried to curb the issue several times in the past but has miserably failed each time. Hence, Lewis Hamilton termed the current state of F1 “unfortunate” and said unless and until new regulations do not come in, he is afraid the worrisome situation will improve in the coming years.

Amid Severe Backlash, Hamilton Comes Out In Support Of Pre-Race Antics

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton – and all 19 other drivers – were introduced pre-race by LL Cool J… For some reason (Image: Sky Sports)

At the recently concluded Miami Grand Prix, FIA held a new pre-race introduction show wherein a host introduced all the drivers one by one. However, not many drivers looked pleased with the pre-race shenanigans. Red Bull ace Max Verstappen and Mercedes young gun George Russell openly criticized the show and called it unnecessary and distracting. However, the reigning champion of F1, Lewis Hamilton, has defended the show.

Lewis Hamilton says that these types of new pre-race events are cool to watch. He loves the fact that the FIA is taking steps to evolve the game by ensuring that they do not repeat the same pre-game stuff again and again. Change is always nice, and the Briton totally enjoyed being introduced by LL Cool J, someone he grew up listening to.