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Should Golden State Warriors Remove Steve Kerr To Insure Success?

The Golden State Warriors are currently locking horns against the fighting Los Angeles Lakers in the second round of the playoff series. The defending champions are trailing 1-3 at the moment and struggling to find the lost rhythm. The team has struggled offensively, with the likes of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson being the only ones holding the lineup together.

Now, as the playoff series enters Game 5, the Warriors are facing elimination. A loss here would end their 2023 campaign and a chance to retain the ultimate championship. Meanwhile, self-proclaimed NBA analyst Skip Bayless has reacted to the team’s struggle and offered a bold piece of advice.


Skip Bayless Suggests Warriors To Fire Coach Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr
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The Golden State Warriors, once the dominant force in the NBA, are struggling to get past the Los Angeles Lakers in the ongoing playoff series. They trail 1-3 after four games, with fate hanging in the balance as crucial Game 5 approaches. But what led to the sudden downfall? Skip Bayless, the NBA analyst, believes it is the coach Steve Kerr who is majorly responsible for the team’s current state. Under the leadership of Kerr, the team has won four championships in the past eight seasons and qualified for the playoffs as many as seven times in nine years. Moreover, he ranks 8th in the all-time list for most NBA playoff wins by a coach. Despite the glory, Skip believes otherwise.

Skip Bayless said the Warriors are undoubtedly a dynast team, and he has all the respect for the likes of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson in his heart. However, something has been off this year. Apparently, the California team needs a change in voice, meaning they need someone other than Steve Kerr to uplift the energy into the locker room. Skip feels the Warriors have run out of gas and needs someone to cheer them up and give them that sense of confidence to fight it out like hell on the court. Maybe the team’s missing that at the moment, as Kerr has not been doing his job properly. Hence, Skip calls for a change in the leadership for the Golden State next year if they want to avoid a slump like this year.

NBA Insider Urges Golden State To Use More Bench Strength

Los Angeles Lakers Anthony Davis (3), Golden State Warriors Jordan Poole (3), and Golden State Warriors Draymond Green (23) react after fighting for a loose ball in the second quarter of their NBA season opener at Chase Center in San Francisco, Calif., on Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2022. (Ray Chavez/Bay Area News Group)

The Golden State Warriors have a crucial game coming up as they face Los Angeles Lakers in the do-or-die playoff game. They have struggled on the road trip so far by losing back-to-back games. Meanwhile, NBA insider Dieter Kurtenbach of The Mercury News has offered a piece of advice that could help the team massively in Game 5. Dieter had urged the Golden State to use more bench strength as the current lineup might have run out of gas.

He feels the team should promote the likes of Jonathan Kuminga and Franz Wagner in Game 5. The insider pointed out that so far, Draymond Green has failed to defend Lakers power forward Anthony Davis, and Kuminga is a 6-foot-8 tall guy who could stop Davis from scoring by being in a better defensive position. Regardless, considering the importance of the game, the Warriors are unlikely to pull out any gamble move and might stick with the same lineup.