Juan Soto, Yankees
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This season, Juan Soto has been proving why he’s called the best hitter in the league. The change of scenery and the chatter about his upcoming free agency have failed to put the generational talent under pressure. Defying odds, he’s hitting like he is accustomed to, thus leading the New York Yankees to thrilling victories.

In his most recent enthralling show, Juan Soto exploded in front of the home crowd to slam a three-home run in clutch situation. His hit eventually led Yankees to a supreme win. And following the moonshot, Soto was fired up given the recent criticism over his passive approach.


Juan Soto Pumped After Firing A Three-Run Moonshot Vs Rays!

Juan Soto, Yankees
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The New York Yankees landed back home in the Bronx after a week-long road trip. And the series opener against the Tampa Bay Rays was an enthralling contest. The Rays went up with a run lead in the top of the sixth inning before the Yanks hitters exploded in the following innings. In the bottom of the seventh innings, the Yanks scored five runs, including a three-run moonshot from Juan Soto. With second and third base loaded, Soto crushed a home run over the right-field porch to add three runs to his team’s tally. Having missed an opportunity to score previously in the game, Soto was fired up to get a hit across the line finally and celebrated it with Aaron Judge animatedly.

Juan Soto knew he had hit the sweet spot and didn’t even bother to see it land. He rounded the bases, patting his chest and roaring in excitement. Recently, the 25-year-old was criticized for opting for a passive approach on the plate when he admitted to wanting to attain walks to bring Judge on the plate. Critics deemed his approach flawed, citing that it does not suit a player of his caliber to play second fiddle. However, Soto had the perfect opportunity to shut down his doubt, and he seized that chance with both hands to lead the Yankees to a dominating 5-3 win over the Rays. While the crowd erupted in MVP chants following the shot, Soto acknowledged that it was too early to draw conclusions. “I think it’s way too early. But definitely, it feels great,” Soto said after the game.

Clarke Schmidt Moved By Soto’s Heroics; Calls For Immediate Extension

Juan Soto, Yankees

Juan Soto’s heroics against the Tampa Bay Rays left the whole Yankee Stadium buzzing in excitement, including the team’s dugout. Clarke Schmidt, the starting pitcher for the day, was also moved by the generational star and vouched for his extension. “I guess sign the dotted line with however much he wants,” Schmidt said.

The pitcher added that Juan Soto always comes through in critical situations, which is an unbelievable trait for any slugger. He is surely a rare talent and needs to be secured by the Yankees at any given price. Notably, Juan Soto, the impending free agency, is expected to attain a contract of over $500 million next off-season, with New York Yankees appearing as likable suitors.

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