Derek Jeter-Yankees
Derek Jeter-Yankees

Derek Jeter, one of the most successful Baseball players of the New York Yankees, left off his last All-Star game with a standing ovation.

Derek Jeter made his Baseball debut with the New York Yankees back in 1995. And after witnessing his monumental game in 2003, the Yankees management made a brave call to appoint Jeter as the skipper of the club. Many questioned the move, but Jeter proved to be the perfect captain the club could ever have. He later closed the curtains on his career with the Yankees itself in 2014. In his 19-year-long career, Derek Jeter scored 1311 runs, including 260 home runs. Moreover, he made 3465 hits with a batting average of .310


Jeter finished off as one of the greatest Baseball players the New York Yankees ever produced. Recently, a fan account on Twitter posted a video of Jeter’s final career moments. The video featured a legendary moment wherein Jeter hit a leadoff double and exited the field with a standing ovation.

Derek Jeter Greeted With A Standing Ovation In His Final All-Star Appearance

Derek Jeter

Former Yankees captain Derek Jeter, in his 19-year-long career, had loads of legendary moments. In 2014, Jeter appeared in his last All-Star game at Target Field against St. Louis Cardinals. While facing the veteran right-hand pitcher Adam Wainwright, he made a connection with the ball, sent it in the right field corner, and clinched a leadoff double for the team.

Derek arrived in the innings with a minute-long standing ovation. However, Jeter was removed in the fourth innings. But, as he made his last walk out of the field, the former skipper received rousing applause from the players on the field and the fans present in the stadium as well. Later, Derek Jeter got inducted into the hall of fame.

Derek Jeter: The Perfect Leader Of The New York Yankees

Derek Jeter Net Worth

When Jeter was appointed as the Yankee’s 11th captain, nobody thought he would last this long. Just after he received the captaincy badge, the Yankees faced their arch-rivals, Boston Red Sox. Jeter arrived to take the plate in game seven when Sox’s were leading. However, Jeter saved the day for the Yankees by scoring a double. The Yankees clinched the game by 6-5. Interestingly, Jeter thanked the ghosts present in the stadium for helping the team with the win.

“We have some ghosts in this Stadium!” said Jeter

The 14-time All-Star, Derek Jeter, stayed with the Yankees until he decided to pull the plug on his prolonged career. Moreover, Jeter won four World Series titles with the club in a span of 5 consecutive years. His contribution to the Yankees’ glory is immeasurable, and Jeter will forever be remembered as one of the finest the New York Yankees ever had.

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