Lewis Hamilton

Uzma Fatima

WATCH: Lewis Hamilton Taking The Brand New Mercedes W14 Out For The First Ride At Silverstone

So the brand new Mercedes AMG 2023 Formula One Challenger is finally something worth keeping expectations. Look at the black shining Mercedes W14, already giving the vibe of the championship, as it used to before 2022. It is the same car that will break the winless streak of Hmailotn that stayed for a year. A 1-minute 35-second video of Lewis Hamilton driving the W14 Mercedes car in Silverstone is the first action taken by the new car, which went great. Fans are advised to see the video attached to the article and get themselves prepared for the bang Hamilton and his car is going to bring this upcoming season.

Until now, the Bahrain Formula One pre-season testing session must have been started. This time, the Silver Arrows followed the carbon fiber livery to reduce a pint of paint’s weight from the car. Before heading to the official running of the car at Bahrain International Circuit, team Mercedes posted footage of Lewis Hamilton on their social media account, ensuring fans a safe drive for today.


But fans are not waiting to see the W14 car getting run on tracks. They are rather waiting to see if there are still porpoising issues or if they’re gone with the past season. Speaking of the ‘Porpoising issues‘, let’s discuss what we can say by watching the footage of Hamilton in which he took the new Mercedes car to the wheels running down the circuit of Britain.

“Porpoising Issues Bye Bye” fans Figuring Out A Smooth Drive From The Footage Of Lewis Hamilton

Apparently, from what can be seen, it can be said that Lewis Hamilton is pretty satisfied with Mercedes’s new car. Since it has been nothing like the W13 Silver schemed car that plagued the Brackley-based team in 2022, Hamilton is quite confident that with this car, he will battle to win the eighth world championship.

Fans themselves started suspecting the view and figured out that there is “NO BOUNCING” in the new car. One of the fans said, “Bye Bye porpoising.”

With the return of the black livery, fans started believing that “the porpoising is now a term they can erase”. But is it so? Half of Mercedes fandom still wants to be realistic. They are waiting for the Bahrain Pre-season test results. From today the three days’ test runs have started. George Russell has already got the honor to drive the new Mercedes on the official f1 circuit in the morning testing session. Hamilton will drive the W14 in the afternoon session today but in the morning tomorrow. After three days, it will be revealed that the new Mercedes is free from proposing or it’s a filthy machine.