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Priyanshu Raidas


WATCH: LeBron James Putting Himself In Utmost Danger To Lead Lakers And Clinch His Fifth Title

As LeBron James talked about bringing the A game to the Crypto Arena, he delivered on his promise to the fans. In the last game of the Lakers and the Warriors series, he put up a performance that brought back fans’ faith in the team. It is interesting to see how his quest to achieve more in his life just never ends. Despite his age, LeBron is still striving for more going at par with his body’s limitations. His passion is what drives him to win more trophies and break more records in the league.

After seeing LeBron last night, there is no doubt that he is definitely chasing the fifth ring of his career. A promising performance with a feat that made everyone in the Crypto Arena admire his defensive efforts on the court. Although he did it to save a mere two-pointer, it showed how much King James cares for every shot in the game. Apart from hearing appreciation from the whole stadium LeBron has a lot of buzz on social media as well. All the fans who thought that the 38-year-old needs upgrade his game are on his side. Keep reading to know what LeBron did do in game 3 to become a hero for everyone.


LeBron James Displays What Championship Hustle Is

The four-time champion is a whole other being who still owns the courts in the postseason of the NBA. A burning desire in LeBron James keeps pushing him to break and make different records. However, this time he has not broken any record but has pushed his limits to win the game for LA. Everyone knew coming into game 3 that the two consecutive wins would put them in an advantage against their opponents. But easier said than done because the Warriors showed what they could do to LA in game 2 of the series.

LeBron James compromised his safety to stop a counter-attack from the Warriors in the third quarter of the game. He tracked back to defend a long ball from Kay Thompson to Stephen Curry. He managed to lay his hand on the ball to push it out of the play, but his momentum led him into the fans. Fortunately, the 18-time All-star ran through all the obstacles without getting hurt in the arena. But his bravery to put the team first has made him a hero and brought him the respect he deserves.

James Double Digit Scoring Frequency Is Better Than Any Player In The NBA

There is one player that LeBron is often compared to in a battle to make one of them a GOAT of the game. The two have different accomplishments and dominate the game in their own style. But when it comes to a double-digit scoring streak, LeBron is above any player in the history of the NBA.

He has not just played more games than Michael, and he is still going strong in every game extending his legacy. The streak currently stands at 1,151 games for scoring in double digits. This means that he has not scored less than 10 points for more games than Michael Jordan played in his career.