Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama

The GOAT debate about the greatest: Michael Jordan or LeBron James, is a never-ending topic. It makes sense because they are both from different generations. Also, they have different playing styles. Clearly, there is a big difference in their respective statistics. Some might say it is not fair to compare these two greats of the game. Again, other NBA enthusiasts might say it is just fun to compare the two. MJ has inspired the generation of James and Curry.

LeBron James made his debut in NBA in 2003. Michael Jordan announced his final retirement the same year. Hence, it is fair to say that when Jordan ended his career, James started his career. About Jordan, though, he did not only inspired the next generation but his own peer group as well. However, LeBron’s accomplishments will always make him a worthy contender for the GOAT debate.


Victor Wembanyama Settles The GOAT Debate Once And For All

Victor Wembanyama LeBron James
Victor Wembanyama LeBron James (Lakers)

Perhaps it is time to make way for the next generation of players that will rule the court after the era of LeBron James ends. Currently, the projected no.1 pick Victor Wembanyama spoke to ESPN’s Malika Andrews. The French basketball phenomenon officially declares for the NBA 2023 draft. Victor Wembanyama is the next big thing after LeBron James in 2003. The hype surrounding the Frenchman is very similar to that of the 38-year-old Lakers star. It might also be symbolic that Victor declared his entry to NBA at a stage when King James had reached the twilight of his career. There is a chance that after twenty years, the basketball fraternity might be discussing the GOAT debate surrounding – Jordan, James, and Wembanyama.

However, that is a long time to see in the future. It is safe to stick to Michael Jordan and LeBron James at present. In a recent interview, Victor Wembanyama cleared the confusion surrounding the GOAT debate once and for all. The French sensation mentioned, “I’ve been a James fan for a long time, but when the goal is to win, MJ wins the race.” It is a fair point considering the number of championships the two players have won each. Michael Jordan won six titles with Chicago Bulls. In contrast, LeBron James won four, two with Miami Heat and one each with Cleaveland Cavaliers and his current side Los Angeles Lakers. However, James is not done yet. The Lakers are doing well in the playoffs this year.

Michael Jordan Or LeBron James – Who’s The Greatest?

Michael Jordan LeBron James
LeBron James Lakers And Michael Jordan Bulls

But till King James reaches the six-title mark, experts believe it is Michael Jordan. People like Rich Paul, Damian Lillard, Allen Iverson, and also the former US President, Donald Trump, argue that MJ is the greatest. However, it is a debate that does not have a right answer. Michael Jordan won championships during a difficult era with the Flu and other kinds of stuff.

But the records of LeBron James are undeniable. Plus, the fact that he is still playing at 38 in his 20th NBA season with no sign of degrading quality is remarkable. On the other hand, Michael Jordan played for 15 seasons in NBA.