Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis

The young French center forward Victor Wembanyama is probably the hottest prospect for the 2023 draft of the NBA. Given his recent performance, many teams are aiming to hire the future star. And Los Angeles Lakers are no differernt. The Lakers have a clear problem on the striking front, and 7\’4 Victor could prove useful in addressing that problem. What does that mean for the Laker\’s current giant Anthony Davis? 

Will The Lakers Trade Anthony Davis For Victor Wembanyama?

Victor Wembanyama\’s potential lottery selection by the LA Lakers may be more than just a rumor. According to Marc Stein, who published his research, the Lakers organization may have some real issues. This year, the Lakers haven\’t exactly lived up to expectations. They haven\’t found their groove or made the necessary changes, as seen by their 3-10 record after roughly a month of regular-season play.

Victor Wembanyama

The Purple and Gold are significantly underperforming, given the star power at their disposal. Some people have made assumptions about their plans for the upcoming draft due to this poor performance. The Los Angeles Lakers management is getting more worried that the New Orleans Pelicans might give them Victor Wembanyama as part of their pick-swap agreement.

The French sensation Victor Wembanyama is among the class of the 2023 NBA Draft. The French basketball star, who is 7\’4\”, has caught the interest of both NBA players and fans. The most anticipated pick in the 2023 draft class is Wembanyama. Since LeBron James\’ 2003 NBA debut, he may very well be the most talented young player since that time. The Frenchman made a strong first impression during his trip to the United States, scoring 37 points on 11 tries, including seven three-pointers. Moreover, he had five blocks last month when his team, the Metropolitans 92, played the G League Ignite.

The San Antonio Spurs and the Oklahoma City Thunder were thought to have the best chances of winning a lottery selection. The LA Lakers are currently in a far better position to secure that choice for the upcoming season. When the Lakers accepted to include a pick exchange for their 2023 first-round draft pick as part of the Davis transaction, they had no idea the club would be a lottery team in the draft.

Anthony Davis

 According to NBA insider Marc Stein, there is growing concern inside the organization that the Pelicans would choose Wembanyama with the selection they received in exchange. Davis is doing fine for the team right now, but many have pushed the Lakers to make a big move to restart their sputtering season. The team has a miserable record of 3-10 and is now 14th in the rankings. Even if Davis had a significant role in winning the NBA title in 2020, it would be disastrous if the Lakers missed out on Wembanyama due to a selection exchange.

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