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The Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has been a remarkable presence in the NBA for the last 20 years. He is an athlete who has been on the top of his game with different teams in the tournament. It is one thing to stick around for 20 years, and it is a completely different ball game to dominate it for 20 seasons. Moreover, in his current year, he has been a GOAT presence scoring huge points for his team. LeBron, alongside his teammate Anthony Davis has done some incredible work with the team.

However, James’ manager Rich Paul believes that the former champion does not get enough respect from the oldies of the last generation. And he makes a clear point that they will never appreciate LeBron as much as Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. And it is not just about the four-time ring winner. It is about all the athletes in the modern era compared to the ones in the last generation. And then the GOAT debate stays at the top of everything else in basketball. Keep reading to know more about Rich Paul’s statements.


LeBron James Is Not The Greatest For The Older Audience

LeBron James and Rich Paul. Source - sportscasting.com

The 38-year-old has been a beast, given his age and how he competes at the top of the food chain in the NBA. According to his agent and his old friend Rich Paul, James will never be considered the best of all time because of the older generation. He believes that the older generation will never give credit to James for all the incredible things he achieved during his career. And since there is so much treble in the debate, there is no definitive answer.

“There’s an older generation on TV everyday with those slots. They’re never going to give LeBron that credit,” said Rich Paul.

However, LeBron James does not like to focus on the thing that is not in his control. Instead, he likes to outwork everyone else on the conditions directly in his control. And he proves it week in and week out in every game he plays, even with injuries and exhaustion. James has turned out to be a pivotal point this season. And he will continue to do so in the upcoming future.

What Will Happen If Lakers Wins It All?

LeBron James with his trophies. Source - AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

The four-time ring holder has already had a massive impact on the game, with nothing else left to prove his worth to the world. However, if the team manages to lift the title regardless of all the odds, he will be on par with the late Kobe Bryant, with five rings in his career.

LeBron James’ second title with purple and gold would also mean that he will be one ring behind Michael Jordan. But the impact will be massive as they would win it with a poor start of 2-10 in the beginning. The legacy that he will leave behind will be incredible.