LeBron James and Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan and LeBron James embraced at the NBA All-Star Game. NBAE via Getty Images

The comparison between LeBron James and Michael Jordan once again started to take rounds as the Los Angeles Lakers came closer to the title of the 2022-23 season. The two are often compared to each other because of their significant impact on the game. Although both personalities played in two different eras, that does not stop people from discarding the conversation. It is crucial for people to know that their best played better than anyone in the generation.  

The Los Angeles Lakers have done a great job in terms of turning their season around after the trade deadline. This gave them and LeBron James an obvious advantage over the other teams. But reaching the postseason will not be enough for LeBron James to carry his 19-time All-star legacy. In his long 20-year career, he has been better than the rest of the players that came and went during this time. But MJ was not a small piece of the board either in the NBA. This is what makes the debate harder than ever for the fans. Keep reading to know what Skip Bayless and Shanon Sharpee talked about during their debate.


Shanon Sharpe & Skip Bayless Debate Over James- Jordan

Michael Jordan greets LeBron James during his time with the Miami Heat in 2014. Photograph: Charlotte Observer/MCT via Getty Images

Criticising LeBron James has become the way for Skip to go viral on the internet. Although he is an NBA analyst, he barely has anything good to say about the 38-year-old superstar. But in this debate, Bayless was somewhat rational, putting his thought forward on ‘Skip and Shanon Undisputed.’ And the debate was about which player has a better legacy to leave behind. Michael Jordan ended his career way back when LeBron was just starting. He has left a memorable one behind where people still remember him as one of the greats. But according to Sharpe, it was not all good throughout his finishing years.

On the other hand, LeBron James does not wish to stop as he continues to play at the very top level, even at 38. It is ridiculous and amazing at the same time because he is still ruling the league despite being a younger and better player than his competition. But Skip Bayless believes he could damage his legacy because of the current season in the NBA.

Michael Jordan And LeBron James Meeting For The First Time 

Surprisingly, the duo met on the last game of Jordan’s career in the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. His team was out of the playoffs, but the Cavs were out there to win the season. The game ended with Cavs losing and Michael leading the score line with 26 points on 10-19 shooting. He also received a massive standing ovation from everyone that attended his last game in the stadium.

After the game, the two met and shared a hearty hug, and Jordan whispered some advice to LeBron James. But then moved away, saying, I can’t be talking to you. I don’t want to be tampering.”