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Priyanshu Raidas


Lakers’ Ace Anthony Davis Secures Another Big Achievement Despite Putting Foolish Move Last Night

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the teams that the people are routing to go all the way this year. Their odds are seventh best among all of the teams in the two conferences. But this only does not confirm their play in the finals as there are still many challenges in their way. Even the legends like Charles Barkley are routing for the Lakers’ success looking at the last month’s games that they played. Therefore, they are one of the teams that should be feared because of their radical form. And with Anthony Davis along with them, their win seems inevitable against all the teams in the league.

The contribution of the two superstars has been massive in the success that the team collected in the last two months. It does not take away anything from the efforts of the newcomers, but LeBron and Anthony Davis have been on another level. The 29-year-old even received his first Western Conference Player of the Month during this process. But the journey until this moment was not fruitful. The fans who have stuck with their team since the beginning know how hard it has been. Keep reading to know the struggles Davis came through to deserve the award.


First Player Of The Month Honors For The Lakers’ Beast

Anthony Davis (Los Angeles Lakers) source - (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

Although everything in the team looks set for the moment, it was not all good going a few months back. Anthony Davis performed like his former self but struggled with injuries making him in crucial games where the team needed him. But the changes in February decreased a little load on him as the team increased its depth further. This allowed him to return to his natural position pushing only as much as his body allowed.

If we talk about him statistically, Anthony Davis has been averaging 26.2 points, 12.5 rebounds, and 1.9 shots blocks per game. And with his significantly improved shooting of 56.9% from the field helped his team go 14-6 in the games. It became the best record of that time, along with the Philadelphia 76ers. All this collectively helped him win his first-ever Player of the Month award for March.

All The Blame Could Have Shifted Onto Anthony Davis

It was a fine game of basketball where the Lakers would have walked away with an easy win with 2 seconds on the clock. But in the last attack, Anthony Davis performed a foolish foul on Mike Conley to give him three free throws. And he took the opportunity well to convert all three throws.

Anthony Davis (Los Angeles Lakers) source - (Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times)

Thankfully for Davis, the Lakers controlled the situation in the overtime to avoid any damage to their first-round win. And since they ended up winning at the end, they had a laugh out of it. If the team had lost, it could have been a point of serious concern. And this silly behavior does not look appropriate on someone who is supposed to lead the team to the title.