LeBron James
LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers) source – LEBRONWIRE

The Los Angeles Lakers snapped the win at Crypto Arena as they now secured the seventh seed successfully. Undoubtedly, it was necessary for the team to pull a win. Otherwise, they would have fallen to the eighth position. This could have paired them against the ruthless table leaders Denver Nuggets. Although Coach Darvin Ham’s team is ready for every challenge out there, they would not mind building up slowly. It is re-entry for LeBron James and the Lakers into the playoffs. And they would want to take every step with caution to make the best out of their situation.

Anthony Davis F*cks Up The Lakers In The Last Five Minutes

With LeBron James and Anthony Davis’ stunning performances, the team always had the upper hand on the Wolves. They also had the clear disadvantage of missing their rim protector Rudy Gobert. Even then, the Wolves made the Lakers tail them by as much as 15 points until the end of the second half. But then a switch flicked in James to lead the way with 30 points, ten rebounds, and six assists from then. And Davis was also not far behind as he also banged 24 points, 15 rebounds, four assists, three blocks, and two steals.

Anthony Davis (Los Angeles Lakers) source - NBA Entertainment

Anthony led the way with his performance but made an unnecessary foul on Mike Conley Jr. in the ending moments of the game. Prior to his foul, LeBron James found Dennis Schroder, who scored a smooth three-pointer from the left. In the next gameplay, they only had to sit back and defend patiently. But Davis had a brain fart and created a mess fouling Mike. His foul resulted in a free throw for the Wolves. And Colney managed to put all of his three shots in the basket, putting pressure on the Lakers for the last five minutes.

However, the team coped well with the pressure and led 2-10 in the last five minutes of the open play. Despite the wins, AD is targeted by the analyst for the silly mistakes that put the team in jeopardy.

Kendrick Perkins Calls Davis Dumb

In the post-game interview, James did bring it up, saying, “It’s unfortunate that AD had a brain fart and messed his game-winner up.” Although they all laughed it off, they knew that the game could have ended then and there.

Kendrick Perkins calls out Anthony for his mistakes in the last 1.4 seconds of the game. The fifty-fifty situation could have been avoided. “AD is too damn old to keep making those dumb ass mistakes!!! God Bless America,” Perkins tweeted after the game. But it did not get much serious as they did not lose the game in the end. But the 29-year-old must keep in mind that the margin or errors will be slimmer from now on.