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LeBron James or Michael Jordan – a never-ending debate in NBA. Some say, “Oh, it is MJ! For the unbeaten streak in the finals.” On the contrary, there are some who say, “Oh, it’s James! He has played for too long, twenty NBA seasons.” And again, there are a few people who say that it is not fair to compare the two for a lot of reasons. Firstly, they played in different generations. Secondly, their playing styles were different. Michael Jordan was a phenomenal player who was literally the worst nightmare of his opponents. The Chicago Bulls star had a whole other level of impact on the game of basketball. Back in the 1990s, the Bulls were kind of an invincible force.

Michael Jordan won six NBA championships with the Bulls. He was a great scorer, too but could not imagine coming close to the record of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. On the other hand, the kid from Akron entered the NBA Universe and conquered records that were even unthinkable for some. Last month LeBron James broke the 38-year-old history of the ‘Captain’ at the age of 38. He has also equaled the Captain in terms of NBA All-Star appearances with a record 19 times.


Charles Oakley Prefers LeBron James As A Teammate

LeBron James
LeBron James

In the meantime, an old friend and teammate of Michael Jordan, Charles Oakley, mentioned that he would prefer to play with LeBron James on the same team. Oakley was present in a recent episode of KG Certified, where he noted, “I prefer James over my best friend Jordan since MJ is not passing me the ball. But James would pass the ball.” Oakley explained that MJ had the sugar, which is why he would always shoot the ball no matter what. However, he feels LeBron James has no such sugar, so he generally acts like a playmaker. In that way, Oakley is suggesting that James is a better teammate on the court.

But he also says that the way Jordan played made him the player everybody talks about today. Hence, Michael Jordan is great in his own way. Currently, LeBron James is playing in his 20th NBA season and still going strong. But unlike MJ and Captain, the King has not yet won six NBA championships. LeBron James is still a four-time winner of NBA championships. But it is not over yet for LeBron James. He has a long way to go. The Lakers are currently doing well in the West. So who knows, maybe the fifth championship is around the corner.

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Michael Jordan & LeBron James
Michael Jordan & LeBron James NBA

If individual accomplishments are concerned, LeBron James is way ahead of Michael Jordan. Other than being the leading scorer, James is also among the top four assists of all time. He has won four championships with three different teams.

Unlike Michael Jordan, the King has never been part of a team considered the best of the generation. The team regarded as the best of the modern era is the Golden State Warriors with Steph Curry. The Warriors team is often compared to the 90’s Bulls.