Aaron Judge
New York Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

The New York Yankees dominated the Milwaukee Brewers like never before, winning the series with back-to-back 15-run games. The captain, Aaron Judge, who entered the series with an abysmal batting average, exploded with two home runs in consecutive games for the first time this year.

However, the epic series finale will be remembered for all things except the Yankee’s dominance with the bat. A mega controversy erupted during the top of the sixth innings when the Brewers’ double play attempt was foiled by Aaron Judge. However, what appeared to be a genuine mistake was deemed a conscious conspiracy by the Brewers manager.


Par Murphy Says Aaron Judge Purposely Obstructed Brewers Double Play Attempt!

Aaron Judge,  Yankees

Despite the early lead gained by the New York Yankees, the Milwaukee Brewers managed to tie the scores in the top of the fifth inning. Hence, to further secure an upper hand, captain Aaron Judge attained a walk in the bottom of the sixth innings. Furthermore, Alex Verdugo‘s mistimed hit caught Judge short in his run second base as he tried to slide. While the Brewers’ second baseman caught Judge out, his attempt to secure a double play was unintentionally foiled by the Yankee captain. Willy Adams’ throw to first base hit Judge’s hand, and the deflection saved Verdugo at first base. However, the Brewers were unhappy with the call and protested for review. After much contemplation, the call was made in Yanks’ favor as Verdugo survived a scare.

However, the controversial moment was dragged off-field after the game as Milwaukee Brewers manager Par Murphy leveled unverified allegations against Yankees captain Aaron Judge. In a post-game interview, Murphy claimed that after seeing the replays, it’s hard to believe Judge didn’t intentionally stop the throw. While he didn’t want to get hit by the ball, he surely was trying to purposely obstruct the double play, claimed Murphy. Later, the Brewers manager clarified that it was just his opinion and that he had a lot of respect for Judge. “He seems like a wonderful man but very competitive also,” Murphy said. Needless to say, the unwanted controversy shifted focus from Judge’s stunning show on the plate as he homered in the second consecutive game after concerning early season struggles. Regardless, the Yankees had the last laugh as they claimed the series 2-1.

Judge Claims Innocence After Brewers Manager’s Bold Claims!

Aaron Judge

After Brewers manager Par Murphy accused Aaron Judge of purposely obstructing the double play attempt, the New York Yankees captain stepped forward to explain his stand and justify his actions. Judge said that he had been sliding in a similar fashion for years, and not once did such an incident occur in his life.

In face, Aaron Judge was scared of Willy Adams’ throw as the latter has a strong arm and as soon as the ball hit his hand, Judge felt like it almost broke his finger. “There was no concern on my part (about interference). I’ve been doing that for years,” explained Judge. However, interestingly, umpires admitted after the game that Judge’s slide wasn’t legal and that they missed the call.

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