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Alex Verdugo was an uncommon off-season acquisition by the New York Yankees this year. His tarnished image at Boston Red Sox made fans question the trade move. However, since the day he set foot in the Bronx, Verdugo has converted the doubters into fans in no time.

His hot form the plate, coupled with his on-field quirky antics, have kept the Yankee fans hooked. However, despite a decent start to the season, Yankees manager Aaron Boone believes there is more to Alex Verdugo than what he’s displayed up until now and that he wishes to see the outfielder unleash his true potential soon.


Aaron Boone Says Alex Verdugo Yet To Get Hot This Season!

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Besides a massive home run against the Arizona Diamondbacks and the ‘dawg’ mentality, Alex Verdugo had too little to offer to the New York Yankees in the first couple of weeks of the 2024 season. It turns out that Verdugo was just getting settled with the change of scenery, and he regained his form soon after. In the past 12 games, Verdugo has been hitting .357 with six doubles, one home run, and four RBIs. His season tally is now .260/.348/.416 slashline. However, despite the recent resurgence, Yankee manager Aaron Boone does not necessarily think that this is the best of Verdugo. He said Alex hasn’t got hot yet this year. He is the type of guy who smashes line drives two, three, or four times a day when he is really in his zone.

“I mean, when he’s hot, he starts squaring it up all the time,” said Aaron Boone. In fact, Alex Verdugo also agrees that he has yet to hit his true potential in the pinstripes. He called himself the contact guy who hits off the barrel during phases of struggle. He added how, initially, he wasn’t in control of his at-bats and was kind of all over the place with his mechanics. However, four weeks into the season, the process is kind of settling in, and Verdugo is kind of aware of what he needs to do and what his approach needs to be hitting down the order. “Trusting the grind and just getting the pitchers in the zone. That’s half the battle,” added Verdugo. Needless to say, Alex Verdugo has completely transformed into a Yankee and is poised to attain success on this trajectory.

Alex Verdugo Calls Yankees A Close, Tight Knit Group!

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After attaining their best start to the season in recent history, the New York Yankees clubhouse is beaming with joy and confidence like never before. And for new guys like Alex Verdugo, a happy work environment is all he ever wished for. “This is probably my favorite clubhouse I’ve ever been in,” Verdugo said.

The outfielder further added that the Yankees are a close-knit group with a beautiful coexistence between the experienced and the young guys. Verdugo also lauded the veteran for making efforts to involve the rookies and newcomers in. He is enjoying his time in the Bronx and referred to the off-season trade as the best thing that happened to him.

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