Juan Soto, Pete Alonso

Juan Soto, the New York Yankees’ best find of the 2024 MLB season, will enter free agency next year. The Yanks consciously traded him from the Padres on a one-year guarantee. While Soto is having the time of his life in the Bronx, an extended future seems fairly unlikely.

The generational star is currently valued at $500 million, which makes it impossible for the New York Yankees to make a play. However, in a bold scenario, MLB insider Jon Heyman suggested a free agent swap that would send Soto to city rivals the Mets in exchange for a premium $225 million-worth slugger.


Yankees Might Trade Juan Soto To Mets For Pete Alonso, Claims Insider!

Yankees, Juan Soto
Brian Cashman, Juan Soto

The New York Yankees are in a fix with respect to generational star Juan Soto’s impending free agency. While they badly want to extend the proven slugger, the $500 million price tag is simply too steep for Hal Steinbrenner to afford. Therefore, the Bronx Bombers will most likely have to see Soto leave next year for a better offer. However, MLB insider Jon Heyman recently suggested that just because the Yanks lose Soto does not mean all other doors are shut for them. Heyman proposed a wild idea that includes NYY swapping players with city rivals, the Mets. He said that the Mets have plans to aim for Soto, and they are most likely the front runners for grabbing the generational star in a big contract.

However, the New York Mets will have to leave out space to accommodate Juan Soto, and accordingly, they could leave out Pete Alonso, who is valued at $225 million. The insider added that the Yankees could go after Alonso as he is a perfect like-for-like replacement for Soto, given his offensive prowess. Of course, any trade involving two players of Juan Soto and Alonso’s caliber would require careful consideration from both sides. Both the Yankees and Mets would need to weigh the potential risks as well as rewards carefully before pulling the trigger on a deal of this magnitude. In the meantime, baseball fans can only speculate about what might have been and dream of the possibilities that lie ahead. But momentarily, the idea of such a player swap deal seems far-fetched and nothing short of a pipe dream.

Yankees Teammate Calls For Juan Soto’s Extension!

Juan Soto, Yankees
Credit: Yankees twitter

Juan Soto’s heroics in New York Yankees 5-3 win over Tampa Bay Rays left his teammate Clarke Schmidt in complete awe. Soto exploded with a three-run home run to advance the Yank’s lead in a dramatic turnaround. Following the inspiring win, Yankee starter Schmidt batted for Soto’s extension, as the latter is a special player on the plate.

“I guess sign the dotted line, however much he wants,” said Schmidt. The pitcher added that Juan Soto always comes through during times of crisis, which is a rare caliber to find these days. Moreover, his ability to light the atmosphere at the Yankee Stadium is something new to Clarke Schmidt. “He lights a fire in the crowd,” added Schmidt.

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