Juan Soto, Pete Alonso

The skates are high for two coveted impending free agents, Juan Soto and Pete Alonso, as they enter their walk-year this season. While Soto switched teams to play for the New York Yankees, Alonso entered his seventh season with the city rivals, the New York Mets.

That being said, both Juan Soto and Pete Alonso are serving their respective franchises with the pressure of impending free agency looming over their heads. Meanwhile, a renowned MLB insider floated a stunning trade swap claim for the 2025 off-season that could tie the Yankees and Mets in a never-before-seen player exchange.


Can The Yankees Trade Juan Soto To The Mets For Pete Alonso?

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Juan Soto and Pete Alonso are highly talented players who have established themselves as notable contributors to their respective teams. Soto, known for his exceptional hitting prowess and defensive skills, is widely regarded as one of the premier young talents in baseball. Similarly, Alonso, with his prodigious power at the plate and knack for driving in runs, has emerged as a fan favorite and cornerstone player for the Mets. However, both of these coveted individuals are set to hit free agency next season. That being said, Jon Heyman of the NY Post suggested a strange theory of trade swap involving the Yankees and Mets. Heyman predicted that perhaps the Yanks could trade Soto to the Mets in exchange for Alonso next off-season. He explained that the Mets intend to fight for Soto in free agency next year.

That would require them to dump Pete Alonso, as signing two superstars simultaneously would be unfeasible for Steve Cohen. Besides, if the Yankees were to trade Juan Soto, Pete Alonso could be deemed as a like-for-like replacement, given his offensive prowess. However, since Alonso is a first baseman, he wouldn’t necessarily fit into the roster comprising Anthony Rizzo and Giancarlo Stanton. Therefore, while the scenario looks palpable in theory, it’s unlikely to materialize when Hot Stove season begins by the end of the year. Both the Yankees and Mets’ top priority will be to seek extensions of Soto and Alonso, respectively. Nevertheless, in the ever-evolving world of MLB, anything is possible. And fans will undoubtedly continue to speculate about the potential for such a blockbuster deal to take place.

Soto Unlikely To Settle For Anything Lower Than $500 Million Salary

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With free agency rumors swirling, another speculation suggests that Juan Soto and his agent Scott Boras are aiming big for next year. Buster Olney of ESPN claimed that Boras will chase records next off-season to make Soto the richest position player in MLB’s history while beating Shohei Ohtani in AVV salary.

Apparently, Scott Boras has set a minimum bar of $500 million for Juan Soto’s bidders. The bidding is expected to start at $500 million with no deferrals. Given the Yankees’ recent struggles with payroll, it would be interesting to see if they would chase Juan Soto for such a hefty amount. If, at all, the Bombers decided to pursue Soto, the pursuit would require several notable sacrifices.

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